In the winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder we finally find out Who … Shot … Annalise!  As it turns out, the perpetrator of said crime was not all that far-fetched but How to Get Away with Murder would not be the show it is without some major surprises, reveals, and an even more suspenseful cliff-hanger than before. After finding out the truth behind the night of Annalise’s shooting, it turns out that things between Annalise and her students only get more complicated. 

14 Hours Earlier

Michaela and Caleb call in Connor to help them get rid of Catherine’s gun so that it doesn’t jeopardize the case against Phillip. Catherine then comes into the room and finds them with her gun, and immediately flees the scene. Totally not a guilty move.

Back at Keating central, Frank, Annalise, Laurel, and Wes are trying to figure out what to do about Catherine’s painting in Phillip’s room as it incriminates their client.

Meanwhile, Emily Sinclaire pays a visit to the police station in order to get Nate to admit to tampering with Phillip’s file. When Nate denies having anything to do with it, Emily Sinclaire pushes him to shout at her when she mentions his wife’s name. 

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Asher’s Breaking Point

Laurel, Wes, and Annalise come to the Hapstall mansion to confront Michaela, Caleb, and Connor about tampering with the evidence. Annalise shows Caleb the photo of Phillip’s room and says she can no longer represent the both of them as it is a conflict of interest with Catherine becoming implicated in the murder charge.

After having his files leaked to the public, Asher’s father, Judge Milstone, commits suicide, leaving Bonnie to tell Asher the news. 

When Asher goes home, his mother blames him for the death of his father. She tells him that he chose Annalise over his father, causing Asher to breakdown in sobs in his car. 

Bonnie goes to Frank and tells him that they are responsible for Asher’s father’s death. Frank says that they aren’t and that Judge Milstone was corrupt long before they got involved.

It is the fatal night of the shooting and Annalise has a flashback that shows her ordering Frank and Bonnie to get dirt on Judge Milstone.

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The Downfall of Emily Sinclaire

When Annalise calls Nate to have him help her find out what is happening with Phillip at the police station, he tells her that he can’t because of his blow up with Sinclaire. Sinclaire has since filed a harassment suit against him and he is in danger of losing his job again. 

Annalise gets a phone call from Nate that worries her and sends her reeling. She then goes to Caleb with a sense of new urgency and tells him that he has to leave immediately because Emily Sinclaire is on her way and Annalise is going to reveal everything to her because she is only representing Caleb now. Annalise tells the team that they are being forthright with Sinclaire to help prove Caleb’s innocence. 

Laurel notifies Annalise that someone is approaching and Annalise tells them all to stay where they are as she goes outside.

Once outside, she approaches a car with Bonnie at the wheel and demands for Bonnie to show her. They both go to the trunk of the car when an unconscious, bruised, and bleeding Emily Sinclaire lays wrapped in a blanket. 

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Who Killed Emily Sinclaire?

The clock winds back to the afternoon, after Nate calls Annalise to tell her he might be fired. Nate tells his chief of police that he wants to file a discrimination and racial suit against Sinclaire. Emily Sinclaire then asks Nate to meet her in her car where she tells him she will drop the harassment suit if he drops the discrimination suit. 

Flash forward to earlier on in the night when Asher drives up to Sinclaire as she is headed to her car in the parking garage. He asks her why she released the information on his father and she tells him that his father deserved to die for the things he did. This causes Asher to completely unravel and run her down with his car. 

Asher calls Bonnie for help and she tells him that as his lawyer she is advising him to not do anything, despite him saying that he will go to the police. I guess we know how this ends.

Bonnie calls Annalise and tells her Asher wants to go to the police, but if he does, he will reveal everything and implicate them both. She asks Annalise what to do with Sinclaire’s body. (Well now, Annalise’s breakdown earlier makes so much more sense.) Annalise then calls Frank to retrieve the pills Nia gave her and gives him instructions.

We Know Who Shot Annalise … and Then Some

Bonnie, Asher, and Annalise bring Sinclaire’s body inside the Hapstall mansion, much to the shock and horror of the Fab Four. They ask Michaela, Connor, Wes, and Laurel to help make it look like an accident, but when Connor and Michaela try to get out of it, Annalise reveals to Asher that the four of them were actually the ones responsible for Sam’s death and that Bonnie and Annalise have been covering up for them ever since. She tells them that now it’s their turn to cover for Asher. That’s right Annalise, you tell ’em!!

Frank calls Annalise to ask how many pills to give Catherine and she says she doesn’t know. As Annalise is spiraling out of control she reveals to Frank that she’s not actually protecting Asher, but Nate, who may be suspect #1 in Sinclaire’s murder for his spat with her earlier in the day.

Connor and Michaela tell Bonnie that they aren’t going to help anymore and begin to leave the mansion, but Bonnie stops them and says that they have no choice in the matter. She then takes the gun from Wes and leaves it with Annalise. 

Bonnie and Asher throw Sinclaire’s body from the top of the home. When they drive away and stop at the gas station, it is revealed that Bonnie is washing away blood that belonged to Sinclaire. Asher only walked away to pay for a car wash. Huh, well that changes things.


Annalise calls the police to say that she’s been shot by Catherine Hapstall. She tries to get the students to shoot her, bringing up all of their frustrations with her, but none of them are willing. That is until Annalise finally tells Wes that Rebecca has been dead the whole time. He shoots her in her stomach and is about to shoot her in the head when Annalise begins to whisper the name, “Christoff.”

We find out that Annalise has known Wes for over 10 years, since he was a child who saw his mother lying dead in front of him. While a 10-year-old Wes was being interrogated by the police, a younger Eve asks Annalise who is present behind the two-way mirror, “what have we done?” Let the waiting commence! 

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