Red and Liz are still on the run and in the episode “Kings of the Highway,” Sumar is forced to intervene and save Liz when she gets into unexpected trouble. At the same time, Tom is still going all gangster on the entire underworld in an effort to clear Liz’s name. Yes, it’s just another week in the roller-coaster ride that is The Blacklist.

Never Use A Gas Station Bathroom

Red and Liz are in West Virginia, headed to a rendezvous with Denbe. Red’s henchman is waiting at a bookstore for something they call a “CARE package.” Stopping at a gas station, Liz goes to the bathroom while Red pumps the gas. But when she comes out, he’s gone. Liz calls Denbe, then reaches out to Samar. She gives the FBI agent Red’s burner phone number and Samar traces it to a junkyard. Unfortunately for Samaria, she uses Ressler’s laptop, since they spent the night together. This will turn out to be a bad idea.

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Harold And Tom’s Wild Ride

Harold and Tom brought the kidnapped Kirakurt to the Cooper house. As Harold tries to explain to his wife what’s going on, a team of assassins attack. The Coopers, Tom and Kirakurt escape and Kirakurt tells them he has a tracking chip in his chest. On the run, Tom cuts the tracking chip out and they head to a cabin Cooper’s wife suggests. She admits to Harold that before he got sick, she had been having an affair there with a neighbor.

Captured By A Hillbilly Gang

Red wakes up in a trailer and discovers he’s been kidnapped by a hillbilly gang that grabs travelers, takes their money and kills them. They call themselves “Kings of the Highway.” Back at FBI headquarters, Ressler realizes Samaria used his laptop. He has Adam search it and they discover Red’s phone number and his location. Ressler confronts Sam at and fires her.

Liz Gets Her Tramp On

Liz spots Red’s car at junkyard and tracks down the two truck driver at a nearby bar. She seduces him and they go back to his place. At the same time, Red tries to escape. He doesn’t succeed, but he does shoot one of the bad guys. He’s forced to go the E.R, which will turn out to be a pivotal moment in this winter finale episode of The Blacklist.

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Ressler Closes In On Liz And Red

Ressler and the task force arrive in West Virginia and begin tracking Red and Liz. Soon their photos are on local TV, which causes some problems. The two truck driver Jasper recognizes Liz and they fight. She shoots him and uses his phone to call the gang leader, named Cash. At the same time, Cash realizes the identity of his hostage and realizes there’s money to be made.

The gang fights over Red and Cash is killed by his fellow gang member, who then negotiates with Liz for Red’s release. He demands cash, which turns out to be what was in Red’s CARE package. They meet, but before the trade can be completed, Ressler appears with a street full of state police. The money is seized, Denbe and Liz are captured by Ressler but Red manages to escape. And that’s the cliffhanger to keep fans of the show buzzing until The Blacklist returns in January.

The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 8pm on NBC.

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