In episode six of Project Runway the designers took a glamorous camping trip (or “glamping,” if you will) to find inspiration for their runway designs. Here is my list of looks from worst to best.

#11 Ken

It wasn’t just Ken’s attitude that took a nosedive this week. The combination of wool fabric, awful color, and strange structure on his chest made this look the worst of the week.

#10 Justin (eliminated- but then saved by Tim Gunn)

Justin kept intimating that he was taking a major risk this week with his hot glue lace, but the garment doesn’t just fail there. The sheer skirt and the poorly fit bodice are not very pretty. It’s not Justin’s best, but I’m glad to see him get another chance.

#9 Bradon

I’m usually on the “Bradon should win every challenge” bandwagon, but oh honey, this dress. The collar looks like a placemat and the color combination is elementary. How this didn’t land him in the bottom, I’ll never understand.

#8 Karen

The judges tore poor Batts to pieces with this dress. But I have to say that I don’t think it’s as bad as they claimed. Sure it looks a little like a bed sheet, but I don’t think her model looks as “trashy” as Nina Garcia said.

#7 Kate

Kate is another designer that I usually just love but I can not get on board with this silhouette. I think Jeremy described it best when he said it looked like a “pregnant fairy strapped into a harness.”

#6 Helen

I can appreciate that Helen took her inspiration from a dying moth and created something beautiful, I just find the color makes it a bit boring.

#5 Miranda

The petal accents coming from the bottom are a great accent to a well sewn black gown. And least she didn’t make another pencil skirt and crop-top.

#4 Alexander

The judges put this look in the top, and while I agree that it’s beautifully fit and I really like the hand painting, it just looks very heavy.

#3 Dom

I love the maxi dress Dom made and the unique collar she designed. It’s a perfect representation of what she was inspired by, which was running water.

#2 Alexandria (Winner)

Alexandria’s look was undoubtedly high fashion and modern, but I can’t say that I was much of a fan of the drop-crotch pant before or after I saw this look, unlike Zac Posen.

#1 Jeremy

The calligraphy on this dress is just so beautiful and so well-executed that it really brings out an emotion in the garment. It’s hard not to appreciate the little details on this dress as well, like the tulle fringe and the white buttons.

Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV