If Big Brother 15 can be saved from the dull and predictable mess it has become, tonight is the night. The next big twist of the summer will see the first four members of the jury compete to come back into the game, and it could be the only thing standing between Amanda and half a million dollars.

Oh yeah, there’s also an eviction to get through first, but since Amanda has already told us a thousand times that Helen is going to be evicted and “there’s no changing it,” that hardly seems important.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

Every time Julie Chen says “juror,” it makes me think of the song from the 30 Rock finale.

Julie tells us that “all Hell will break loose” after the HGs learn about the twist. Ooh, even her language is getting saltier thanks to this season.

Helen’s Campaign

As a political consultant, Helen is accustomed to campaigns. But this is liking Barack Obama trying to win Texas.

After the PoV ceremony, Helen cries and begs Elissa to work with Aaryn and GinaMarie. Those four could form a powerful alliance, but it’s not enough.

Andy shows up and Helen says he’s the swing vote. Andy gets mock offended by her accusation that he’s not on her side (which he isn’t). But Helen plays on emotions and tries to guilt Andy into voting for her by saying she’s a good person and McCranda are evil.

I don’t like Helen’s tactics, but Andy is painful in this scene because he’s lying and getting offended about it. Aaryn says, in front of Andy, that she knows McCranda will probably find out about this conversation.

So Andy runs downstairs to wake up Amanda to tell her all about what just happened. As always, he tells Amanda not to say anything about it. How is everyone so stupid? Does Andy not realize that Amanda ALWAYS outs him?

Helen knows Andy is lying, so she campaigns to McCrae to stand up to Amanda and not let her control his decisions. This whole scene can be replaced with the sound of a whip being cracked.

Now we get into a whole debate about who’s bullying who. McCrae tells Amanda that Helen said she’s a bully, and Amanda gets angry about it. The whole thing is so stupid. I blame society for making “bully” such a bad word. It’s like “floater,” and it has a different meaning for everyone.

Amanda asks McCrae and Spencer if they think she’s a bully, and they find polite ways to say she is without using the word “bully.” She’s loud, aggressive and assertive. She has the gall to claim that she doesn’t personally attack people. Jessie and Candice would beg to differ.

Then the new Helissa and Aaryn/GM team campaign to Andy again, giving him a hard-sell, threatening him by saying he will become their target if he votes out Helen. This scares him because his entire strategy is based on never being a target.

Julie and the HGs

Julie shows them the Have-Not competition in the dark to their delight. Amanda says she was scared that Elissa was leading her, then adds “I’m just kidding.” She’s NOT kidding. GM explains that searching for Nick’s hat in the dark was good practice.

Then we see Elissa’s brutal ferocity during the PoV competition. Andy says he was just terrified of her.

The Eviction

Spencer adds nothing new in his 205th nominee speech of the season. Helen gives a shout-out to her family and starts tearing up almost immediately. She’s all emotional and nice.

McCrae votes to evict…Helen
Amanda votes to evict…Helen
Elissa votes to evict…Spencer
Andy votes to evict…Helen
GinaMarie votes to evict…Helen

Helen is evicted 4-1!

At least it’s not unanimous, for the first time in three weeks.

It’s easily the most emotional goodbye, with lots of hugs and tears. Julie asks Helen about the alliance with McCrae and Andy, and she reveals that she started to worry about Andy, but she trusted him because he’s so nice and not a liar at all. Julie then asks about targeting Amanda earlier, and Helen says she thought Judd was a bigger threat because he was MVP and Howie’s cousin, though now she realizes that may not have been true. Helen adds that most of her crying was just strategy.

Goodbye Messages: Andy’s is nonsense about strategy and McCrae says he needed to protect his queen. Amanda adds that she’s known for weeks that Helen wanted her out.

Helen adds that if she could do it again, she would’ve saved Howard and taken out Amanda. Personally I think her mistakes began when she didn’t take Jeremy’s deal in week 3, but Howard was also a bad decision.

Julie then tells Helen that she’ll be competing live tonight against the other members of the jury to get back into the game. Helen is shocked and stoked.

The Jury House

First up we get to see the jury house. Candice sees Judd and she’s definitely surprised and asks who did it. Finding out that he got backdoored by Aaryn is even more of a shock.

The next week, Jessie walks in and they’re all confused and upset, but they instantly want the gossip. She tells them that Helen thought Judd was the MVP and that’s why he went home. So somehow Helen is getting all of the hate from the jury.

Then the three of them get a note about how one juror will go back into the game. They’re stoked. And they also had time to mentally prepare and time to eat, unlike Helen.

The jurors say they’d put up Helen and Amanda, which is bad news for Amanda because Judd is calling her the devil. But Candice still wants to go after GM.

The Jurors Compete

It’s now time for the live competition between the four jurors. Julie tells them that the HGs inside have no idea about this.

So Julie decides to inform them. She gathers the HGs in the house to the living room to tell them about the twist. Elissa is happy, McCrae says he knew it and everyone else is worried.

Instead of just one, all four jurors come back into the house and it’s total insanity. Candice even hugs GM and says happy birthday, so clearly something is wrong.

Everyone heads to the backyard for the jury AND HoH competitions, simultaneously. Ooh!

The HoH/Jury Competition

The HGs are all standing on a wall and whoever is the first to catch 10 balls wins. If the first person to catch 10 balls is a juror, they come back and become HoH. If not, the first juror to catch 10 is back.

In the first round, Jessie is the only one who catches a ball.

But this is also an endurance HoH competition, with sprinklers spraying them down too. Man, this is SOOOOO tense and such a great time for endurance.

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