After the game was changed on Big Brother 15 with the jury members returning into the house, a new HoH endurance competition began on Thursday’s show. Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Elissa, Spencer and GinaMarie competed against the four jury members, Candice, Judd, Jessie and Helen.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

In this competition, the HGs are all on a wall and must stay up while being sprayed with water. At various intervals, balls will be thrown at them. The first person to catch 10 balls is the new HoH.

In addition, the first juror to catch 10 balls is back in the game. And if a juror is the first to catch 10 balls, they come back as the HoH.

On the live show we saw two shots fired. Jessie caught 2 balls. I’m pretty sure Judd, Spencer, Andy, Elissa and Amanda all caught 1 ball, though I might be off on one.

I’ll provide live updates throughout the evening. All times are Big Brother 15 local time, aka PT.

7:10pm: No live feeds yet.

7:18pm: Still no live feeds. So I’ll use this time to root for Jessie, Judd or Helen, cuz I think they would all go after Amanda. Heck, maybe even GM or Elissa at this point. Just not McCranda, Andy or Spencer.

7:25pm: The feeds are back. McCrae and Spencer have fallen off and are out!

7:28pm: Jessie has 3 balls. Judd has 2 balls. Helen and Candice each have 1 ball. Elissa has 4 balls.

7:29pm: After another round, Jessie has 4 balls and Judd has 3.

7:30pm: Andy falls off! OK, it’s kind of hard to get an accurate count, but I think here’s where they stand as of now.

Elissa: 5 balls
Amanda and Jessie: 4 balls
Judd: 3 balls
Candice and GinaMarie: 2 balls
Helen: 1 ball

McCrae, Andy, Spencer: OUT

7:35pm: The feeds have gone off for more trivia.

7:37pm: Jessie is out! Oh no, that opens up the juror game big time. As she fell, she cursed out Amanda. I guess if everyone falls, the last one standing wins by default. Also, it seems the jurors must leave the backyard immediately after falling.

7:40pm: On the last round, Helen and GM both caught the ball, moving them up to 2 and 3, respectively.

7:42pm: Some crazy dude in a wig and a foam finger came out, yelling, and was chased down by a security guard. I guess this is part of the competition?

7:45pm: Another round of balls. Helen and Judd both caught one. Helen is now at 3. Judd is at 4.

7:50pm: Score update:

Elissa: 5 balls
Judd and Amanda: 4 balls
Helen and GM: 3 balls
Candice: 2 balls
McCrae, Spencer, Andy and Jessie: OUT

7:54pm: Helen is playing some SERIOUS game, telling Judd and Candice that GM tried to save her and can be trusted, along with Elissa and Aaryn. Helen is really messing up McCranda’s game, and it’s beautiful.

7:55pm: GM had 4 balls, but one bounced before she caught it, so it was removed

8pm: OK, right now I’d say Amanda is fighting for her life, because I honestly think any of the other five people left would target her.

8:01pm: Judd got blasted in the face with one of the balls. This seems very dangerous. I think it’s also one of the hardest competitions ever, combining endurance with a little bit of skill, because catching the balls is a huge distraction from just staying up.

8:02pm: Elissa caught another ball on the last round, so she’s up to 6 and has a two-ball lead.

8:06pm: Helen is out!

8:07pm: Candice is out!


8:08pm: Judd tells everyone he wants to start fresh and hold no grudges. This is clearly a lie and everyone is cheering him on, because they have to. He adds that he’s happy they got rid of Helen.

8:10pm: Judd and Elissa catch balls. Judd is at 5 and Elissa is up to 7. Judd is being very nice about how he doesn’t blame anyone and his only problem is having to spend two weeks listening to Candice’s stories. He’s telling them all about the jury house. Damn, I missed Judd, he’s so nice and adds a great element to this house.

8:14pm: The crazy superfan is back and gets taken down by the security guard!

8:15pm: Score update:

Elissa: 7 balls
Judd: 5 balls (and back in the game)
Amanda: 4 balls
GM: 3 balls
Everyone Else: OUT

8:18pm: Judd is out! But he’s still back in the house as a player.

8:19pm: So now Elissa and Amanda are each going for their first HoH and GM is going for her second.

8:20pm: Elissa and Amanda each catch another ball. Elissa is at 8, Amanda is at 5. Amanda and Elissa almost fell off, but had pretty miraculous recoveries

8:25pm: Proof that I do not have the power of telekinesis: Amanda has not fallen. I’m willing it so hard right now.

8:31pm: Elissa and Amanda each caught a ball. Amanda has 6. Elissa has 9 and is one away from winning.

8:32pm: Elissa catches her 10th ball!


Wow, amazing! Her ally leaves, Judd comes back and now Elissa is in charge. Amanda and Aaryn need to be worried. VERY worried. Elissa is a wild card, but I hope she gets rid of Amanda, if only because it will make Amanda SOOOOOOOO mad to know Elissa got rid of her.

I’ll be very curious to see how she handles this since no one really seems to like her anymore, especially with Judd back in the mix. Amanda thought she could control Elissa’s mind, but her mind is a total mystery to everyone.

She’s also at three competition wins, second only to Aaryn this season. It’s also one more than her sister, Rachel Reilly, got the first time she played.

Fun Fact: Amanda is now 0/15 in competitions, one shy of what Chef Joe did last season.

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