First off dear readers, I must apologize for missing last week! But don’t you worry your fashionista heads, I’m back this week for good… just like the chip on Ken’s shoulder after failing so horribly in last week’s challenge.

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Seriously, he is taking everything his teammate Alexandria said about him way too personally. He needs to get a thicker skin and learn to take criticism if he expects to make it in the fashion industry, let alone this reality show.

Glamp It Real Good

The designers meet Heidi and Tim on the runway and Tim has a camouflage suit on, which he is surprisingly pulling off. They tell the designers that they are going glamping, which of course means glamorous camping.

At the glamp-site, Tim tells them that their challenge is to take inspiration from their natural surroundings and the activities they have planned for the day (zip lining and rafting) to create a high-end editorial garment.

Of course Ken starts out with a bad attitude, complaining about being in the outdoors and, GASP, walking on dirt (can you imagine?!). But overall the glamping trip is pretty sweet and the designers have a chance to get to know each other better, especially Justin, who is usually forced to either work on his garment or talk to the designers, but is unable to do both at the same time in the work room.

Alexandria is feeling less confident about last week’s challenge so she isolates herself to sketch and focus on her next challenge. Jeremy writes a love poem to his husband, who he is missing, that he decides he will somehow incorporate into his look. Ken actually gets over himself for a hot second and has what he calls a “spiritual connection” with nature, which probably means he was bitten by a mosquito or something.

Project Runway Not Project Glamp-way

While we all love us a good glamping scene, the designers had to get back to reality eventually. They go to Mood with a suggested budget of $300.

Karen Batts is creating a look inspired by the white tents at the camp site. Tim says that the textile and the design are a little boring, so she decides to dye it a yellow ombre.

Bradon is experimenting with something he calls “thread painting” where he embroiders his fabric in lines of green and blue. Tim is not sold on the technique, but Bradon sticks with his idea. But then he has a hard time draping his chiffon around the embroidered fabric in an inspiring way. Not to mention, he has major problems with how much static hangs on the chiffon when it’s time to go to the runway.

Ken was inspired by water, thus why he picked out this hideous green wool fabric to be accented with the same fabric in red. It has a strange structure with a strange placement on the chest of the dress.

The love poem Jeremy wrote for his husband at the campsite is a huge part of his design. He transcribes it onto fabric and uses primary colors to accent the garment. But he decides to scrap the primary color accents when Tim thinks it might cheapen his look.

Tim loves Helen’s design, which is a light tan colored gown inspired by a dying moth. Tim says by the time it’s done it will be a work of art.

Justin uses an interesting technique using hot glue to create his own kind of lace.

Alexander is making a gown inspired by “trees at midnight.” He is very meticulous about the fit, and paints branch-like patterns onto his fabric. He also decides on a heavy black leather train.
Tim really loves Alexandria’s fashion-forward denim jacket, but he is unsure about her drop-crotch pant. She disagrees with him, saying that her pant is very fashion-forward, but understands that some people just don’t like how they look.

You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Runway

Of course the royal fabulous fashion brigade made up of Heidi, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen is back on the panel as usual. They’re joined by Allison Williams of Girls, who fortunately, didn’t try and steal the stage to sing any of her original music.


Jeremy- The judges completely devour Jeremy’s love letter fabric. Zac is also a huge fan of the bias cut and Nina and Allison love the button detail. Heidi says it looks chic and glamorous, but wonders if it would be a little boring without the calligraphy.

Alexander- Although Zac is not overwhelmed with Alexander’s dress, they all agree that it is impeccably tailored. Heidi and Nina love the hand painting of the trees, and Alllison likes the leather train.

Alexandria- Everyone is impressed with Alexandria’s fashion-forward separates. Zac says he never liked the “poopy pants” look that the drop-crotch pants often resemble, but Alexandria has converted him into a believer. Nina especially loves that she used denim in such a modern look.


Justin- The judges do not appreciate his glue-gun lace look. Zac says it looks frothy, and Nina says it looks like his model is foaming out of her lower region. Heidi also says the panels on the skirt are a bust and it looks like a cheap Halloween costume.

Batts- No one is impressed with the look that Batts created. Zac says the yellow looks like runny eggs and Heidi says it looks like an Easter egg. Nina adds that the model looks as though she can’t decide whether she’s going to the beach or to a rodeo.

Ken- All of the judges agree that the color and styling of Ken’s garment is all wrong, although it is very well-made. Allison says the chest looks heavy and Zac absolutely hates the wool fabric.

Alexandria is named the winner of the challenge and will have immunity for next week. See, Ken; she gets knocked down, but she gets up again with a drop-crotch pant! Whoo!

And poor Justin is eliminated. Before he leaves the runway, he thanks the judges for the opportunity they have given to him as a designer and as a deaf person. He also goes back and thanks all of his fellow designers where there isn’t a dry eye in the house.

Including Tim Gunn, who of course retrieves a handkerchief from his pocket to delicately dab his eyes. But soon, sad tears turn into happy ones when Tim decides to use his single Tim Gunn save for the season to give Justin a second chance. He claims he made the decision not only because Justin is one of the most kind-hearted people to ever compete on Project Runway, but also because he believes in his talent.

It honestly couldn’t have happened to a better person. Justin vows to prove to Tim that he made the right decision in upcoming challenges.

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