The designers are dwindling as we motor through Season 14 of Project Runway. We’ve had one designer quit and Tim Gunn still has yet to use his one save. Now the designers have to challenge their inner stars for a Broadway challenge.

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Big City, Bright Looks

The designers meet Tim Gunn and the star of the Broadway show, Finding Neverland, Matthew Morrison. Tim tells the group that they’ll be seeing the production and use it as inspiration for their next challenge. It’s anything goes for this one, which means that the designers can create anything as long as it’s inspired by their experience that afternoon. The only thing Tim says as far as a guideline is to not create a costume, just wearable clothing.

Matthew Morrison tells them that the play is the story of Peter Pan and at its core, it’s about believing in yourself and making your dream come true. A little cheesy, yes, but the designers enjoy their day off at the theater. Both Lindsey and Candice, (two ice queens who have yet to show a lot of emotion up until now), are moved to tears by the play.

The next day, they go to Mood where they have $250 to spend. It’s good to see them back there for only the second time this season because picking the right fabric is an integral part of of the design process and ultimately how they’re judged.

When they get back to the workroom, Tim puts a damper on the designers’ high spirits. He tells them that only eight of them are left so an elite designer will be going home tonight. Time to pull out all the stops.

Imagination Station

Edmond is inspired by the word “dreams,” which apparently means picking out a lot of bright blue and green fabric and feathers. He edits it down though to a pair of cigarette pants and a strappy top with a puffy blue vest.

Laurie is inspired by her own childhood because Neverland is a place where you never grow up. She spends a lot of her budget on pretty silver fabric with circle cut-outs. She’s making an oversized jacket, short hot pants, and a tube top all from the same fabric. Tim is worried that the jacket looks too old lady, but Laurie doesn’t agree. She’s sticking to her design.

Lindsey wants to make something whimsical, so she’s working on a magical evening gown. She wants to take a risk and make something she wouldn’t normally make, but she still wants to put her own touches on it. Her main focus is a waistcoat with a tail. At the fitting, the skirt is too short and her model’s nipples are exposed. It’s an unacceptable look to send out on the runway.

Instead of wasting a lot of his time smoking, Swapnil knows he has to focus on his design. He’s making a sculpted and structured top and a flowy skirt. Tim tells Swapnil that he’s talented but he’s not working to his full capacity. He’s been in the top five times but doesn’t have a win because he’s not applying himself all the way. It’s the criticism Swapnil needed to hear and it gives him the motivation to continue on.

Ashley picked out a gorgeous purple ombre. She’s making a gathered mermaid gown that’s feminine and soft. Tim likes it, but suggests that she get rid of the tulle at the bottom. Ashley smartly takes his advice and ditches it.

Merline struggles coming up with a concept at the beginning of the challenge. She finds a pretty black lace for a gown, but once she drapes it, she’s becomes worried that it’s a little too safe. Tim tells her not to overthink her design, just execute it well.

Of course Candice finds inspiration in the play to lead her to make something black. She liked when Captain Hook told Peter Pan to “follow your own darkness.” She’s making a leather corset, pants, and a jacket made of a lovely black print. She wants to incorporate some white leather into the corset, but Tim says it’s taking away from the overall effect, so she decides to lose it.

Kelly has immunity so she decides to go super over-the-top. She’s inspired by 1920s Hollywood, so she’s making an emerald and black lace gown. She even makes a pair of gloves to add to the glamour.

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All the Runway is a Stage

Joining our usual judges, (Zac, Nina and Heidi), on the runway today is model Coco Rocha.


Kelly: The judges all admire that Kelly took a chance making evening wear instead of her normal raver style. Nina thinks it would be a beautiful editorial piece, but she doesn’t like the mini-dress underneath. Heidi doesn’t know who would wear it and to where and Coco says it’s “costumey.”

Edmond: Heidi says the pants are smoking hot and fit like a glove. Coco doesn’t like the cloud vest at all because she’s getting two different stories. Zac agrees and says the “muppet” vest has to go. Nina appreciates the amount of drama in the look.

Candice: Nina thinks it’s so romantic and beautiful. Heidi likes that it’s sexy and Zac thinks it’s modern and representative of her style.


Ashley: Zac thinks that the length is awkward and overall it looks droopy. Heidi liked the idea, but thinks that it was not well executed. Coco says that her model looks like she had a fight with the drapes and the drapes won. Nina doesn’t think that the design is doing the model’s body any justice.

Laurie: There are a lot of things wrong with this one. Zac points out that the construction is a mess. It looks like the top is glued on. Nina says it’s not Tinkerbell, it’s Tinkerhell. She’s shocked with how bad it is. Heidi thinks that there are some good ideas but the final product is bad.

Lindsey: Heidi loves the color, but that’s it. She doesn’t understand the length. Coco says it’s pretty, but too plain. Nina says the proportions are a disaster.


Candice wins the challenge with her dark, pirate chic look. It’s her second win of the season, but her first solo win.

Laurie and Lindsey are in the bottom two. It’s a spot that Lindsey has been in for the last few weeks. And she’s out of chances this week. The judges clearly didn’t enjoy what Lindsey made through the course of the competition so it seems like the right time for her to go, even if Laurie’s look was much, much worse this week.

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