Big Brother 17 has reached its finale and now it’s time to see who will win the game. In the last 10 seasons, only two women have ever won the game, season 11’s Jordan Lloyd and season 13’s Rachel Reilly. With Liz Nolan and Vanessa Rousso both in the Final 3, will one of them join that list or will 22-year-old superfan Steve Moses take the win?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Vanessa won part 1 and Steve won part 2 of the final HoH competition.

Even though Vanessa and Steve have been working together as the Students of Sound since week 2, they certainly won’t take each other to the end. Vanessa has told Liz repeatedly she’s taking her to the Final 2 because Steve has betrayed her while Steve has spent a lot of time talking to himself, rehearsing his speech for evicting Vanessa.

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This will be the first time since season 11 that someone will make it to the Final 2 without winning any part of the final HoH. And it’s worth noting that season 6’s Maggie Ausburn is the only winner who didn’t win any part, so this final HoH is probably the real deciding factor in who wins.

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Since both Vanessa and Steve will take Liz to the Final 2, I won’t even bother speculating on what would happen if Vanessa and Steve were sitting next to each other at the end. Instead, let’s study the two actual possibilities.

Steve vs. Liz

If Steve wins the final HoH and evicts Vanessa, that will be a huge move that could sway the jury at the last minute. Liz will get Austin and Julia’s votes, but what about the rest of the jury? Shelli and Johnny Mac are definitely on Team Steve. I even think Vanessa would vote for Steve to win as she’s spent a lot of time talking to everyone before they left about how Liz didn’t play her own game and doesn’t deserve to win.

That leaves Becky, James, Meg and Jackie. If it’s a bitter jury where gender is an issue, they might just give it to Liz because she’s a woman. But the Final 2 speeches and jury questioning might sway things in Steve’s favor as Liz is almost certainly going to be quite terrible at defending and explaining her game while Steve has been practicing a lot.

Sadly, it would be a toss-up. I could see Meg, James and Jackie voting for Liz just because they like her more and Steve didn’t really do much until the very end. But if they’re voting for the most strategic player who made the best moves for their own game, Steve will win.

Vanessa vs. Liz

This match-up is much more cut-and-dry since the gender issue doesn’t apply. Once again, Liz should get Austin and Julia’s votes, but Vanessa could sweep the rest. Shelli admires Vanessa’s game while Steve, Johnny Mac and Becky all know she played the best game (which is why they wanted to take her out). Once again, it comes down the Goblins. Will James, Meg and Jackie see past their disdain for Vanessa’s dirty game play and vote for the person who played the best game? I feel like they will, especially since Shelli, Becky and John will all be in that final jury deliberation advocating for Vanessa and against Liz.


I’m definitely going to predict that whoever wins the final HoH will win the game, but deciding who that is will be a mystery. Assuming they use the same competition, answering questions about things the jurors said after they left the house, it’s a toss-up.

Vanessa is good at reading people and has a winner’s attitude, promising Liz that she will definitely win the third part. But on the live feeds I’ve seen Steve spending a lot more time studying, thinking over all possible scenarios and questions. He’s definitely prepared and I give him the edge.

So I predict Steve will win the final HoH, evict Vanessa, and then beat Liz in a jury vote of 7-2, with Austin and Liz as the only hold-outs. Heck, if we’re lucky we might even see Judas vote AGAINST his girlfriend and give the win to Steve because he deserves it more, though that seems unlikely.

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Who do you think will win the final HoH and will they definitely beat Liz in the Final 2? Find out Wednesday at 9:30pm on CBS with the Big Brother 17 finale.


-At 22, Steve would be the fourth-youngest winner ever. The youngest winners are season 14’s Ian Terry and season 1’s Eddie McGee, who were both 21, and season 5’s Drew Daniel, who was about five months younger than Steve at the time of his win. On finale night, Steve is exactly 12 days younger than Jordan Lloyd was when she won season 11.

-Vanessa would be the oldest woman to ever win the game at 32, beating out 28-year-old Jun Song from season 4. She would also be the third-oldest winner ever, behind season 8’s Evel Dick Donato and season 7’s Mike “Boogie” Malin.

-If Vanessa wins, she will be the first winner ever with three Power of Veto wins. She would also have the most competition wins out of any winner with eight (assuming she wins the last HoH).

-Season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur’s birthday is February 3. Season 3 winner Lisa Donahue’s birthday is February 4. Vanessa’s birthday is February 5.

-If Vanessa and Liz are the Final 2, it will mark the fourth season in a row that both of the finalists never had a single eviction vote cast against them.

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