While makeovers remain one of the most anticipated moments on America’s Next Top Model, the acting challenges are always the most cringeworthy 15 minutes of every single season. And OMG! After surviving those painful auditions for CW execs, we had to watch the cheesy commercials for Boom Boom Boom deodorant. “Smell my fierce,” “Feel my boom.” Ick. Whoever wrote that drivel has watched way too many pretentious perfume and cologne commercials.  

I was genuinely shocked when Ashley was eliminated. She definitely performed better than Devin, who has all the subtlety of a drag queen holding court on top of a gay pride float. And then there’s Courtney, who demonstrated as much sex appeal on that beach as a dead jellyfish. With Ashley out of the running, who will Mikey mac on next, and who will be the next to go?

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The Guys

Nyle is rocking it, and I think it bodes well for him that ANTM made the effort to teach the other competitors some sign language.

Devin appeared quite humbled after being called out as one of the bottom two. He endured several tongue lashings for his lack of professionalism, and Kelly Cutrone advised him to never pursue an acting career. Not a good week for the “D” and “A” of former power trio, “DMA.”

I’m having a hard time understanding Tyra’s new found obsession with Bello. His eyes are undeniably amazeballs, but his physique leaves something to be desired. He’s just a little too pretty for my taste. The bottom line is he’s just too weird to win, and the guy can’ tell the difference between an apple and a nectarine. That scares me on levels I can’t even begin to explore here.

Justin’s affection for Mame’ worked in his favor this week, as he used his jealousy over his best girl’s steamy photo shoot with Mikey to step up his game. Determined to fight fire with fire, he turned the sexy up. Making out with Hadassah helped him elevate himself from a one-face wonder, for one week, at least.

The competition is really stiff among the remaining men, with the exception of Devin who is just so damn off putting, I can’t see him wowing anybody at a casting.

The Girls

Throw some orange cones around Courtney, because that girl is a disaster area. None of the other models want to work with her, she’s timid and whiny, and girlfriend can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

Lovely Lacey is the frontrunner for sure, and Mame′ is breathing down her neck.

Hadassah didn’t have the worst week, but she benefited more from other people effing up than any improvement in her own performance. 

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Who Will Go Home

Just like week 7, I think it’s going to come down to Hadassah and Courtney, and since Hadassah is far less “fragile,” for lack of a better word, Courtney, the weeping waif, will be eliminated next.

America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW.

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