We’re more than half way through season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County and oddly enough Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis remains to be a hot topic among the cast. On Monday’s episode, things took a dramatic turn as Heather Dubrow, Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador urged Vicki Gunvalson to divulge the medical records of her then-boyfriend Ayers. Now Ayers slams the housewives who continuously question his health and integrity.

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“I have cancer,” Ayers told Entertainment Tonight, adding that he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“I think they do it to create drama — manufactured drama and that’s sad to me,” said Ayers, who has been accused of faking his diagnosis. “I’ve distanced myself in a lot of ways from it. It’s useless drama that brings on stress that quite frankly no one needs and in particular my situation. I’m not running from anything.”

According to Ayers, Heather and Terry Dubrow are the only ones who are “savvy enough to understand they don’t know all the details.” And while the rest of the cast have questioned Ayers’ cancer out of concern that he wasn’t getting good treatment, Ayers did not hesitate to call out Shannon and David Beador for their skepticism.

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“Most of the women are making on the minor stuff in my opinion, and so yeah, there’s gonna be some questions being asked, but the challenge for me — if you’ve got questions, come to me directly,” Ayers stressed to ET. “Don’t talk behind my back, don’t assume and try to put the pieces together, and there has only been one time that these ladies have ever asked me about my cancer and my treatment.” 

“Shannon and David, quite frankly, while they started being nice supporters of Vicki and myself, it was odd to me that Shannon gets all upset and bent out of shape that I didn’t go see her world renowned physician, when in fact, I got world renowned class facilities that I’ve been going to for a year and a half,” he explained. “It’s not about who I go to. I thought it was about me getting well and better.” 

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“It’s interesting to note that none of the women since we’ve gotten through filming in May have reached out to me asking how am I doing,” he added. “How are my numbers going? If they really sincerely cared about me as an individual and my family, then wouldn’t you think they would reach out off camera? Even on camera?” 

Gunvalson remains to defend Ayers despite their breakup. The RHOC star has even vented her frustrations on her Bravo blog. 

“Maybe Meghan should go back to school and be an oncologist if she is so passionate about cancer treatments. That would be a better use of her time I think, don’t you? Meghan is just being mean towards me and quite frankly I’m tired of it,” Gunvalson wrote on her Bravo blog

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