For the last challenge, Project Runway designers had to pair off to create a day-to-evening look inspired by an exotic location. There were some real disastrous teams, but everyone (besides Hanmiao) manged to survive. Let’s see how they rebound with their next solo challenge.

Makeup in the City

Tim and Luis from Mary Kay Cosmetics meet the designers at a dock that has a brilliant view of the New York skyline. He tells them for this challenge that they have to take an iconic design and bring their own interpretation to it. Luis will give them a makeup consultation and they’ll have one day for the challenge. The winner will not only get immunity, but their design will appear in Marie Claire magazine and get a $5,000 prize. They also get to make their first trip to Mood (hi Swatch!) to pick out their own fabric.

Amanda is feeling a little discouraged after being in the bottom two weeks in a row. She’s focusing too much on what the judges would want to see and not enough on her own personal vision. She’s making a play on a wrap dress, but she’s not thrilled with the fabrics. She pulls it together though after a pep talk from Tim. He’s good at those.

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Edmond feels a little bad about Hanmiao going home. But he thinks if he didn’t have immunity he might have gone home too. He’s making a graphic geometrical jacket this week.

Swapnil is making his own version of a little black dress, inspired by the only thing he knows about New York: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. There are ruffles on the front and he got faux leather for straps on the back. Tim tells him to be careful of making it look tacky with too many embellishments.

Joseph’s making a pencil skirt with a peplum. Once again his fellow designers think that what he’s making looks matronly. But Tim seems encouraged by it.

Candice has immunity this week but she’s still inspired to make a kick-ass garment. She’s making a classic princess seam cocktail dress in black and white vegan leather. She wants to make her model as fierce as possible so she decides to make a jacket as well.

After planning out her design of a tent coat with a ruffled sleeve, Gabrielle isn’t confident that she’s going in the right direction. So, she literally sits around the workroom waiting for Tim’s input. As soon as she’s given the affirmation she needs she can get back to work. But the more she works on it, the more nervous she gets. She’s doesn’t love her garment at all.

Blake’s dress is inspired by the new Dior look. But he doesn’t even have anything sewn to show Tim and he has a hard time articulating his actual plans. He spends the rest of the time before the runway pretending to not know how to tell time, cutting his finger, making weird squeaking noises, and poorly constructing an ugly blue dress.

Lindsey is making a shift dress with a red coat. Jake is making a basketball jersey dress and Kelly is making a new version of a basic white t-shirt.

New Classics

Joining Zac, Nina and Heidi on the panel this week is Mad Men actress Kiernan Shipka (who actually looks like she could be Amanda’s little sister).

On the Top

Blake: Nina likes the drama of the dress and especially the back. Zac thinks it has great runway affect and he likes the colors. Heidi thinks it has a new and interesting silhouette. She says he took a risk and it paid off.

Swapnil: Kiernan says it’s youthful, fun, and she would definitely wear it. Zac thinks it’s a hot little black dress. Heidi loves it paired with the red shoe and thinks the model looks so hot. Nina says it strikes a good balance.

Candice: All of the judges knew this dress was designed by Candice as soon as they saw it. They appreciate her signature look and they say she has a strong point of view as a designer. Nina thinks the materials really bring out the inspiration of the New York skyline. Kiernan says it’s fierce and chic and super classic.

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On the Bottom

Lindsey: Heidi does appreciate the fact that she made a lot of pieces in one day, but the model was swallowed up in all of the fabric. Zac says that it doesn’t look fresh or new. Nina can’t get over the proportion of the piece and she hates the jacket.

Gabrielle: Zac points out the poor construction of the dress and says it doesn’t show a lot of design. He says the dress may be the worst piece he’s ever seen made on this show. Heidi says it’s sad from head to toe. Nina says it’s technically wrong, it’s proportionally wrong, and the styling is wrong.

Amanda: Zac says it looks like an unbalanced toga. Heidi says it looks like a maternity dress from the mall. They encourage her to be herself more and go crazy instead of trying to hold back.

The Results

Blake is the winner of the challenge. The judges were really wowed by the risk he took with his interesting silhouette.

Gabrielle and Amanda, (coincidentally, the two worked in a team last week), are in the bottom two. Gabrielle is eliminated for her garbage sheaf dress. She’s disappointed and embarrassed to be going home so early. The worst part for her is not being proud of what she’s made. Hopefully Amanda will fix her attitude before she ends up in the bottom once more. Something tells me that if she’s in the bottom again, she won’t survive it.

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