There’s only four designers left on season three of Project Runway All Stars: Korto, Christopher, Elena and former winner (but in this competition without a win), Seth Aaron.

Alyssa meets them on the runway to tell them that their last challenge before the finale is to create a ready-to-wear look for Michelle Smith’s line Milly. The designers have to create a look that will retail for under $400 and from Michelle Smith’s fabrics. The winning design will be manufactured and sold on the Milly website where all proceeds will go to charity, Save the Garments Center.

Prints Galore

The designers get to go through the fabrics at Michelle’s workspace to choose what inspires them. The theme of Michelle’s collection is “Urban Tribal” so the designers have to keep that in mind as well. Before they can start on their garment, they must have the budget approved by the Milly CEO.

Christopher chooses a black and white chiffon and vegan leather, which he has never worked with before but he wants to keep challenging himself as a designer. At first he wants to make two pieces, but Zanna and Michelle tell him in a consultation that making his garment separates would up the retail cost. So he has to figure out a way to make his separates into one piece without making the zipper too conspicuous.

Seth Aaron is inspired by a hexagon shaped fabric and he wants to add a big decorative zipper, but the CEO tells him to edit because of cost. He sketches a classically cut cocktail dress with a chevron blocking with red accents. He thinks he’s pushing towards costume-y, but that’s something he wants to show on the runway.

Elena is making a dress made of white mesh and yellow neon (she says neon is her favorite color). Some of the other designers wonder why she chose a stark white when there were so many prints to choose from. Toward the end of the day, some fabric rips on Elena’s dress and she has a complete Elena melt down.

She starts to make a completely new look the next day (which wasn’t approved by the Milly CEO) but Zanna and Michelle talk her out of it when they come in for a critique, telling her to go with her gut.

Of course the “Urban Tribal” theme works for Korto because she is African but also considers herself a modern, urban woman. She wants to make a razorback maxi dress, but the CEO nixes that idea because the print she has picked out is too expensive to make into a long dress.

Michelle and Zanna are wary that the way Korto is mixing the prints is not working so Korto decides to thin out the belt so the prints don’t clash as much.

Asphalt Jungle

Hooray! Georgina Chapman is back in her stunning white lace Marchesa gown. And joining her on the judging panel is Isaac Mizrahi, actress Kristen Chenoweth, Michelle Smith, and rapper and Mr. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon.

The judges are overall very impressed. Even Georgina admits that while most weeks there are some looks she really hates, she actually kind of likes them all this week.

Elena- Isaac thinks that her dress looks so fresh, like “chamomile flavored ice cream” and the color is divine. Kristen likes it because it’s forgiving and Nick thinks that Mariah would look good in it. Michelle says she can see it in her collection.

Christopher- Isaac thinks the fabric and the skirt are great, but the bodice is a bit weird. Kristen likes the exposed shoulders and Georgina really understands who this girl is, although she’s still a bit unsure who Christopher is as a designer.

Korto- Alyssa thinks that this is the most wearable dress of the bunch and Georgina doesn’t think the design is very original. And Michelle likes the back but thinks the rest of the dress falls flat.

Seth Aaron- Michelle says that the design and cut of the skirt are gorgeous, but she does not like the neon ruffle. Kristen says she wants it and Alyssa likes the sassy bounce. Georgina thinks that it’s a crowd pleaser, but wonders if it’s commercial and ready-to-wear enough.

Seth Aaron gets his first challenge win of the season so his look will be manufactured for Milly. Elena is safe and she will also be moving on to the finale.

So it’s between Korto and Christopher in the bottom, and instead of just eliminating one of them like mature adults, Alyssa makes them do a one hour challenge where they have to create a dramatic new look from three previous looks from the season.

Both of them create really lackluster garments, but what can you expect from a BS one hour challenge that literally takes place on the runway. But Christopher’s is far worse, even though the judges have nothing but nice things to say about it, probably because they don’t want to be unnecessarily mean before they send him home right before the finale. Which is exactly what happens.

Next week is the finale! Who do you will win?

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