On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia and NeNe clash over their different parenting styles. Kenya attempts to make a fresh start with Phaedra. Porsha reaches out to Kordell.

After the Happy Hour from Hell, a new day dawns in Savannah, Georgia. NeNe admits that her hopes for all of the ladies to bond are dashed. So, instead of getting out and enjoying all the great food, music and culture the small southern city has to offer, they’re going to hole up in their mansion and try to squash any differences — six women enter, one leaves.

Mama Says

Trouble begins in the unlikeliest of places, between NeNe and Cynthia. Cynthia fills the ladies in on her daughter Noelle’s first crush and how she’s been handling this tween love affair. Cynthia feels that girls who are too sheltered are the ones who wind up moving too fast, so she’s okay with closely-supervised dating.

NeNe isn’t down with her son, who’s the same age as Cynthia’s daughter, dating anyone at present. NeNe says she’s not going to “help” her son get together with girls. She’s just not supportive of it. She doesn’t say at what age she would deem appropriate for co-ed activities because she’s not going to keep his hormones under wraps for too much longer.

Cynthia makes it clear that she was just sharing and wasn’t looking for advice or input. She also says that she prefers to educate her daughter about the birds and the bees instead of Noelle learning about it from her friends.

NeNe can’t or won’t budge or try to see things from Cynthia’s perspective. Kandi points out how much more difficult it is to be the mother of girls as opposed to boys because they have to worry over the possibility of pregnancy. I think her point is that girls need to be able to communicate with their mothers in order to minimize the risk of reckless behavior. It’s obvious that NeNe’s rigid stance didn’t work with her eldest son since she’s now a “glamma.” Even Phaedra recognizes that as the mother of boys, “she only has to worry about one ding-a-ling” whereas with girls you have to worry about every ding-a-ling.

NeNe says that young girls today are fast. I guess she thinks these little Lolitas are seducing these innocent boys whose first loves are their mamas. Cynthia hits her limit. She takes NeNe’s social commentary on how loose tween girls are as a dig at her own daughter. You know things have gone too far when Kenya comes across as level-headed. She doesn’t feel anyone else should interfere with or judge another mother.

Cynthia breaks down, and all the women, except NeNe, rush to comfort her. NeNe says that all parents have their own ideas when it comes to their children, and she and Cynthia are free to have differing opinions. Too bad everyone thinks NeNe is coming across as rather harsh and judgmental.

Porsha and Kenya talk an incredibly emotional Cynthia down off the ledge. We even get to see the softer side of Kenya as she talks about growing up without a mother.

NeNe’s left wondering what she did wrong. She questions the other ladies about whether they think she did something wrong. Kandi responds that NeNe shouldn’t lie about how she feels. NeNe states that Cynthia has a tendency to cut off discourse once she’s made her opinion known, and NeNe wanted to get her own point across. NeNe says she’s the type of friend that’s going to tell you what she thinks.

NeNe decides to keep things light, but even though the two besties kiss and make up, Cynthia is convinced NeNe is dead wrong and vice versa. They are both so stubborn, they can’t even agree to disagree.

Bonding Over Babies

Porsha says that all the ladies act so tough, but deep down they’re all going through some serious stuff. After witnessing Cynthia’s breakdown over the slightest doubt over her parenting style, Porsha and Kenya discuss their mutual desire to have children. Kenya is really thrown seeing Cynthia’s behavior because all she’s ever wanted from her own mother is a modicum of recognition. She breaks down while confiding in Porsha and admits that maybe part of the reason she hasn’t really connected with the other ladies is due to her tough girl facade. She’s had to be tough on her own. Being vulnerable doesn’t come easy to this beauty queen.

Porsha says they are all around each other and can help each other with the burdens they each choose to carry alone. Porsha sees some of these things surfacing, and by dealing with them together, the group is growing closer. Kenya says that when she’s in a safe place, and she feels like she’s in the company of people who actually care to engage on a real level, she’s an open book.

Til Divorce Parts Us

These ladies must be synced up because NeNe hears Porsha sobbing in her room. Even though NeNe finds all this boo-hooing to be a drain, she lends Porsha a shoulder. Porsha is missing Kordell’s son and even Kordell. She says that as much as she wants to get over Kordell, being around the ladies reminds her of the family she wanted, and the one they shared. NeNe assures her this too shall pass and urges Porsha to slow things down. She tells Porsha she can ask her divorce lawyer to put things on pause. The one caveat, Kordell has to agree. Porsha dreads the idea of communicating with him directly.

Up in Smoke

Things get a bit more upbeat when the women decideto hit the town and catch a good drag show. While they beautify, NeNe urges Kenya to clear the air with Phaedra. The two have managed to co-exist on the trip pretty peacefully. Kenya isn’t convinced, but eventually ventures into Phaedra’s room for a possible heart-to-heart convo. Phaedra says she’s not interested in rehashing the whole Apollo ordeal and that she’s over it. Kenya doesn’t want to leave it well enough alone.

My guess is she knows good and well exactly what Phaedra thinks of her, and she can’t stand the additional smear on an already pretty sullied rep. In Phaedra’s words, “I’ve got children to feed, people to bury and cases to try. So, honey please, visit someone else cause I don’t have time for it.” When a woman pulls out a breast pump mid-conversation, that’s a pretty clear cue to exit. 

Stop Being Silly and Be Real

After some good old-fashioned debauchery, the ladies sit down to some comfort food. Porsha reveals that she followed NeNe’s advice and texted Kordell. While Porsha and the others debate how she should proceed following his sedate response, Kandi takes it upon herself to send him a message on Porsha’s behalf.

NeNe’s over the games stating that Porsha is thirty going on fifteen. She tells Porsha to straighten up and fight for her family. Like a true southern belle, Porsha says she’ll worry about it tomorrow.

Give What You Get

Porsha thanks all the ladies for sharing their hearts with her. NeNe tells Porsha that she needs to start giving back some of the support that she’s been receiving. I truly felt she did with Kenya, but NeNe wasn’t privy to that interaction. Porsha takes ownership of her behavior, but Kandi seems a bit miffed at NeNe’s stringent criteria regarding friendship.

So, it’s time to head back to the ATL for some big city drama. The Union army left Savannah standing and so did the RHOA.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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