Dominic Purcell claims that “Everything is resolved. Everything. Expect a massive shock, the final one, a massive, huge shock.” SpoilerFix’s Isabelle tells us that Michael and Linc make it to Panama. The Fox description of the Prison Break season finale, “Sona,” says:

“Michael races against the clock to rescue Lincoln and beat Mahone at his own end game; Sucre risks his life to save a missing Maricruz; Kellerman’s testimony at Sara’s trial proves deadly; and T-Bag and Bellick find themselves up a Panamanian river. Guest Cast: Reggie Lee as Bill Kim; Callie Thorne as Pam Mahone; Wilbur Fitzgerald as Bruce Bennett; Mark Harelick as Marty Gregg; Leon Russom as Pad Man.”

Rumors for next season: I’m not sure where this one came from, but several sources claim that Prison Break producers are thinking of either changing the name (which would be a dumb move, in my opinion) or adding a “subtitle” like Survivor does. Prison Break: Panama? Okay.

Next season is apparently going to bring some new characters, as well as booting some of the old. Prison Break producers have been hinting that at least one of the main characters will croak before next season. EOnline’s Kristin Veitch says she’s betting it’s more than one, and that her guess is that both C-Note and Kellerman will be offed, because Rockmond Dunbar and Paul Adelstein both have new series starting this fall. Adelstein’s set to be in the new Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, and will only say of his Prison Break character’s fate that this season will end “on a cliffhanger” for Kellerman. Rockmond Dunbar, on the other hand, apparently told Kristin that C-Note is “on his last leg.”

Kristin also says that “a little birdie” told her that the season finale features a “role reversal” in the finale, so that season three will start with Michael Scofield in prison and Linc searching for a way to break him out. Well, that seems to go along with what producer Paul Scheuring said, which was that season three will “return…to the roots of what the show was about.”

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Sources: E!Online


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