According to reports on Dark Horizons, Smallville’s Tom Welling has signed on board a remake of the Michael J. Fox film “Teen Wolf”.  In the new version, it is a teenage girl who finds herself bearing the mark of the beast.  Since, let’s face it, Tom isn’t a teenager anymore, we can only guess that his part is peripheral; perhaps a charismatic werewolf hunter?   Welling will be using his time off from Smallville to film the remake in Little Canada this summer.

Some of you may remember that Welling’s last attempt at a big screen flick, The Fog, was also a remake.  I’ve been trying to forget, personally, since the movie wound up being a dreadful approximation of the originals creepiness, at best.  Aside from the successful ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ films, Welling’s big claim to fame continued to be as the boy of steel in Smallville.

There have been some grumblings from that corner as well.  With Michael Rosenbaum announcing his departure from the series next year, some have speculated that this may be the final season for Smallville.  Despite being one of TheCW’s biggest ratings successes, the show is suffering what some in the sci-fi press call “Star Trek the Next Generation Syndrome”.   This is when a long running off network show reaches a level of prominence that it cannot support.  Stars begin demanding more money, creators threaten to back out, and writers go on strike.   That sort of nastiness.

Generally what happens at that point is the franchise makes a mad dash for the big screen.  With the recent news that Bryan Singer’s Superman might not be getting a sequel, would a Smallville big screen movie be all that infeasible?  Perhaps the silver screen would finally make for the right venue for Welling to try on the cape and tights.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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