By way of 24 insider Kuja from the24blog comes a scoop that will go down as a legend in the world of spoilers:  the final lines of 24 season six. If your concerned about having the story arc ruined for you, don’t worry.  These few lines really have very little to do with this season of 24 at all;  instead, they set up season seven in a huge way.  As in, a way that everybody will be talking and speculating right up until the start of 24 season seven.  Wanna read them?  Click on…

The final exchange in season six comes after whatever threat Jack Bauer faces by that point has been dealt with.  Jack is somewhere outside when a car drives up to him.  Inside is a surprising person.  Who?  We don’t know!  From the looks of things, the 24 creative team doesn’t even know at this point.  Its all a big surprise!  Whoever it is, we can be assured by the conversation that takes place that it is going to be somebody we would never expect.  Without further ado, here it is:

Person TBD:
Get in, Jack. There’s a lot I have to tell you.

Jack, still struggling to get past the shock of who he’s seeing, climbs in the passenger side as Person TBD gets behind the wheel. As the car peels out, we… FADE OUT


Got chills?   Who could it be?  We know it must be somebody that Jack trusts or he wouldn’t be getting in the car so easily.  Is it somebody from season six?   Jack is in shock, so it has to be someone that he would never expect.  Tony?  Rumors of a Tony return have been circulating no matter how unlikely it seems that it would be him.

If it were someone returning from the grave, who would you want it to be?  Surely not Nina. Maybe David Palmer?  I could live with that.  Tony?  I have to say that again, because it just would fit so well with his nine-lives character.  It wouldn’t be a bad guy since Jack isn’t protesting.

The fun thing about this sort of spoiler is that it doesn’t ruin anything.  Questioning who this character could possibly be will be a grand past time for the next few months.  Once the reveal is over, of course, we have the long wait to find out what the implications will be.  So, in the meantime be sure to post your guesses below!

Source:  The24Blog

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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