Former US President Bill Clinton loves 24, Grey’s Anatomy, and Boston Legal, according to a recent article by Hollywood Insider.  Choosing 24 was certainly a controversial move for the Liberal Democrat, considering that Fox and 24 are under fire by conspiracy buffs for trying to brainwash audiences to the Conservative right.   Speaking to an audience at a TVLand sponsored ad buyers engagement, Clinton pontificated on how ‘fair’ 24 was in painting both Liberals and Conservatives as potential bad guys, despite being the offspring of super right winger Joel Surnow.  It isn’t 24 that ranks as Clinton’s favorite current show, though, that honor goes to ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Clinton reminisced about the iconic medical drama with dreamy eyes, no doubt speculation on the outcome of George and Izzie’s tryst spinning through his mind.  Clinton, of course, found himself in the middle of a medical emergency a few years back during the 2004 election, causing him to withdraw from appearances for Dem candidate John Kerry.  Hmmm… now we could take some 24 styled plotting, mix in a little Grey’s Anatomy with this, and come up with a heck of a new show here.

Boston Legal ranks high with the ex-pres for the dynamic between stars James Spader and William Shatner.  Somehow he managed to make it through discussing Boston Legal without once mentioned the names ‘Monica’, or ‘Kenneth Starr’, although I’m sure there was a hell of a joke waiting in there somewhere.  Meanwhile, somewhere in Hollywood, I’m sure William Shatner blushed at the rare opportunity to hear his name and ‘dynamic’ in the same sentence.

No doubt the pres is bumming with the rest of us now that Grey’s Anatomy is on hiatus until late April when it breaks into its finale, but as an avid TVLand supporter he’ll have plenty of I Love Lucy and Bonanza reruns to keep him occupied.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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