Another dead TV series has risen from the grave. According to Deadline, a limited run sequel series of Prison Break is in the works at FOX. Nothing is set in stone but the original creator and executive producer, Paul Scheuring is at work writing the new pilot and series bible (basically the TV version of a game plan/play book). Once Scheuring is done, FOX Boss, Gary Newman expects the new Prison Break to go straight-to-series for a ten episode return.

Prison Break fans have been treated to a bit of reunion on The Flash where stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell play cooperating criminals, Leonard Snart and Mick Rory. Their characters were even so popular that they even landed roles on the spin-off Legends of Tomorrow. Now though Prison Break fans will get a true reunion as both actors are set to return and revive their roles as Michael and Lincoln. The new ten-episode Prison Break series picks up a “few years” after the end of the original. The brothers will be joined by “several other iconic characters” and the questions that lingered will be answered for both new and old audiences. 

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The biggest question might be though, how is Michael even alive? In the direct-to-video movie that wrapped up the original Prison Break, Wentworth Miller’s character Michael died. FOX boss, Dana Walden says that the limited series will largely ignore that movie but will still provide a “logical and believable” situation why both brothers are still alive and running around. Yeah, OK… If Paul Scheuring pulls that off he should be under serious consideration for sainthood because that would be a straight up miracle. 

But what do you think? Are you excited for more Prison Break? Do you want to see Wentworth Miller return to the role that made him famous? Or would you rather Miller and Purcell stick to playing Captain Cold and Heatwave on The Flash and Legends of Tommorrow?

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