On this episode of Suits, “Hitting Home,” Mike and Jack Soloff work together on a case, Jessica suspects Hardman is up to his old tricks, Louis represents his sister and Donna and Harvey work on their friendship.

Harvey is making good on his promise to Dr. Agard to start talking about his mommy issues. He recalls coming home from school early and finding her with a male “cousin.” Young Harvey didn’t know exactly what was going on, but he knew something wasn’t right, especially since his mother said it was best if Harvey didn’t mention her cousin had paid her a visit.

Hardman and Soloff vs Pearson and Specter

In the final moments of last week’s episode, Jessica ordered Jack Soloff to drop Fletcher Engines, citing the fact that he scored the client by screwing over Louis and Mike. Soloff threatened to tell the partners that Jessica is making business decisions detrimental to the firm based on her attachment to Harvey. Jessica makes it clear that Jack can either learn to work with her or go partner up with Daniel Hardman, who gave Soloff the idea to go after Fletcher Engines in the first place.

It looks as if Jack Soloff did as he was told because he brings Mike a case dealing with the New York Teacher’s pension fund. Mike says he doesn’t work with someone he doesn’t trust, and he doesn’t trust Soloff or his motives. Soloff swears he’s trying to make nice, at Jessica’s bequest, but Mike still refuses.

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Jessica pays a visit to Hardman accusing him of colluding with Jack Soloff to take over the firm. Hardman swears all Jack wanted was advice on how to land a new client. When Jessica warns Hardman to stop trying to worm his way back into HER firm, he declares he has no interest in her “shitty” firm, and if he wanted to inflict damage, which he obviously does, he can do so handily from a minimum safe distance.

The fact that Jessica made Jack drop a huge client like Fletcher in favor of keeping McKernon, a client that happens to be very important to Harvey, apparently is not sitting well with the other partners, just as Soloff predicted.

After her conversation with Hardman, Jessica confronts Soloff. She wants him out because she’s convinced he’s being mentored by Hardman and has been spreading word around the firm about her decision to drop Fletcher motors. Soloff denies bad mouthing Jessica and says he’s been trying to be a good boy and play well with others. He tells her how he reached out to Mike and was rebuffed.

Someone not in the loop about all this recent intrigue is Harvey. He finally heard the buzz around the water cooler and goes to Louis for answers. Louis admits that he and Mike were fired but by no fault of their own. Harvey questions why Louis didn’t come to him, and Louis states he and Mike wanted to fix the problem themselves. Harvey tells Louis that Louis’ need to fix things himself and he is the cause of every problem they’ve ever had. Harvey isn’t pleased that Louis is teaching Mike his bad habits.

Louis defends his actions and points out that everybody is happy: Louis, Mike and Dominic, McKernon’s CEO.

Louis’ Sister Returns

Harvey jumps from one Litt frying pan into another Litt fire. Louis’ sister must have gotten a taste of something she liked because she wants Harvey to represent her again. She’s being sued over her supposedly nut-free muffins giving a guy, Mr. Jackson, a severe allergic reaction.

Harvey says that unlike her divorce, this case isn’t personal, and there’s no reason that Louis shouldn’t handle it. Esther insists she needs the matter handled quickly and quietly, and her brother doesn’t “do” quiet. Harvey accuses Esther of using this case as an excuse to try and start a romantic relationship with him, which Esther vehemently denies.

Soloff’s Loyalty is Tested

Harvey meets with Jessica, curious about why she didn’t tell him about Soloff, Fletcher Motors and Hardman. He also thinks it’s time that they fire Soloff. Jessica tells Harvey the situation has been handled. Jessica doesn’t trust Soloff which is why she’s keeping her eye on him. Jessica has demanded that Mike work with Soloff, and she doesn’t want Harvey to get in the way.

Mike and Soloff are going up against Straussbank. They believe the bank intentionally sold risky derivatives causing the pension fund of the teachers to take a huge hit. Mike and Soloff want access to the CEO and CFO’s emails which they think will prove the bank knew they were pulling shady shit over on their client.

When Soloff promises to not pursue criminal charges against the CFO if Straussbank hands over the emails immediately, Mike thinks something is up. He believes Soloff is either getting a kickback or plans to try and sign Straussbank as a client when this case is over.

Soloff says that all he did was expedite a process that would have taken forever otherwise. The bank would have stalled for God knows how long.

When Mike doesn’t find anything incriminating in the emails, he goes to Jack. Turns out that there is a method to the man’s madness. Soloff tells Mike that nobody has ever gone to jail for selling shitty securities, but they have gone to jail for destroying evidence. Instead of explaining to a jury about the complexities of finance, all they have to do is prove emails were deleted.

The two have a heart-to-heart of sorts, and Soloff questions how Mike can trust Louis given all the backstabbing Louis has done, and Mike says it’s because he knows another side of Louis. Soloff swears there’s another side to him as well, and just because he’s been duplicitous at work doesn’t mean he’d ever do anything illegal. Mike agrees to give Soloff a chance to show him another side of himself.

Mike gets his hand on 200 emails that prove Straussbank knew whey were ripping off underpaid school teachers. Mike admits he got them illegally, something he neglected to tell Soloff, but this is how Mikey rolls. There’s a method to his madness, another side of himself he’s showing Soloff.

Mike pulls out one specific email from the CEO saying he’ll throw the CFO to the wolves if push comes to shove. This gives the guy no reason to protect his boss, especially since Jack says they can offer immunity to anyone who testifies that other emails, like the ones Mike found, exist.

Later, Soloff comes to Mike to ask why he didn’t tell him about the emails and why Mike still doesn’t trust him. Mike admits that he wrote the emails himself, and the only way he could make the other side believe it was for Jack was to have Jack believe it as well.

Jack admits that he only took this case to kiss Jessica’s ass, but now he’s Team Mike. Mike encourages Jack to try and get along with Harvey, and the root of Jack’s issues with Harvey is revealed. He’s jealous. Harvey is Jessica’s pet, plucked from mail room obscurity and the youngest senior partner ever at the firm. Jack feels things have come easily for Harvey, while he’s been busting his ass for 20 years. Mike says that Harvey has his problems just like everyone else, and he and Harvey are a package deal. If Soloff can’t get along with Harvey, Mike’s not going to be Soloff’s little buddy.

Esther Turns to Louis

Esther turns to Louis for help. He doesn’t just want to settle because he’s convinced it’s a shakedown, and if Esther gives in, more will follow. Esther is adamant that the whole situation go away quickly and quietly.

Louis is surprised and happy that his sister came to him instead of Harvey. She fails to mention that she approached Harvey first, so he agrees to do things her way.

Rachel, a fan of Esther and her company, asks Louis if she can help with the case. Rachel discovers that the plaintiff’s attorney has handled a ton of these kinds of suits, and every time an offer is made, the attorney goes public. This is exactly what Esther doesn’t want and what Louis was afraid would happen.

Friendly Advice

Harvey and Donna attempt to rebuild their friendship by going out for dinner. Donna suspects that Harvey has been sleeping with Esther, well, because she’s Donna. She tells Harvey he has to come clean to Louis. Harvey makes it clear that sex with Esther was a one-time deal, but Donna says Harvey still has to confess because Harvey promised Louis he wouldn’t sleep with his sister. Harvey is convinced that there is no possible way Louis can find out and tells Donna, in the nicest possible way, to mind her own business.

Donna finds herself in a very bad position thanks to Harvey. When Louis finds out that Donna and Harvey went out for dinner, he questions if the subject of Esther came up. He also asks Donna if she thinks anything romantic went on between his sister and Harvey. Donna covers for Harvey but tells her former boss that she won’t lie to Louis again.

Esther is livid when she finds out that Louis filed a counter-suit. He tries to explain the reasons behind it, but the argument gets personal quick. Of course, it comes out that Louis was actually Esther’s second choice for an attorney. Louis ruffled feathers get smoothed quickly when Esther says that Harvey told her she should trust Louis and that he was a good attorney. We know Louis lives for validation from Harvey.

Louis Wins Big

In another conference room, Louis is going to bat for his sister, who agreed to let him do what he does best. They accuse the attorney of being a scam artist and approaching Mr. Jackson after his allergic episode and getting him to say it was from the muffin. Harvey tells Jackson he can walk with a hundred thousand dollars or run the risk of lying to the FDA and going to jail. Jackson agrees to take the money and run much to the dismay of his attorney.

Like Mother, Like Son

The whole Esther situation causes Harvey’s therapist to point out some unpleasant similarities between Harvey and his mother. Just like his mother, Harvey’s logic that as long as Louis doesn’t find out about Esther, Harvey didn’t do anything wrong is some serious moral objectivity. Dr. Agard says that Harvey is putting Donna in the same position his mother put him in. Harvey argues he has gone out of his way to not be like his mother, but Dr. Agard says that making a promise, sneaking around someone’s back to break it and denying all responsibility sounds lie an affair to her.

Mike tells Jessica that all evidence points to Jack Soloff keeping his word. Jessica agrees, especially since Soloff nominated Mike for junior partner. Jessica says that Mike will turn the opportunity down.

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A Plan Thwarted

Soloff meets with Hardman, but he no longer wants to move forward with whatever diabolical plan Hardman still has up his sleeve. Hardman tries to manipulate Soloff but all he succeeds in doing is strengthening Soloff’s resolve. But you just know it ain’t over yet.

Louis Learns the Truth

Esther, on her way to meet Louis and Donna for dinner plans, stops by Harvey’s office and asks him out. To say he rebuked her in the most dickish way possible would be an understatement. Visibly upset, she tells Louis she’s not up to going out after all. Louis is suspicious about her sudden change of heart and suspects it has something to do with Harvey. A bit of a stretch, but we knew it was coming.

Harvey questions Donna, and this time she hangs Harvey out to dry. Louis storms into Esther’s office, and he is enraged. Harvey swears he was just about to tell Louis the truth, but Louis has been transported back to when he was a geeky kid, who guys used to get close to his beautiful sister.

Louis goes for Harvey’s emotional jugular, and like every sap before him who has brought up Harvey’s childhood, Louis gets popped and thrown through a glass coffee table. Harvey’s unraveling continues.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm on USA.

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