Charlotte has been murdered and there’s a lot of “whodunnit” going around Rosewood right now. Let’s be honest, there are a LOT of people who would want Charlotte dead. She’s done more damage than anything else, and her lockup has definitely made a lot of people feel safer. However, it seems at least one individual thought everyone would feel even safer if she was completely out of the picture. A lot of names have been thrown out and fingers been pointed, but, as The Best PLL Theories Tumblr points out, there’s one accuser who we may want to accuse. The very person who wanted Charlotte out so badly; Alison DiLaurentis. If you’re still unsure about who “the new A” is or even more simply, just who killed Charlotte, take a look at the case presented for why you should be looking at Ali.

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It’s the Perfect Revenge

At the end of season 6A, it looked like Alison was really feeling for her sister. After hearing her story, she felt responsible for the way Charlotte ended up and wanted to reconnect. This was echoed in the five years forward time jump when she was adamant about getting her sister released and convincing the liars that she was rehabilitated. But if we really think about it, how much could Alison forgive her sister for? We believed that she was able to put the past behind her and move forward to have a relationship with her sister, so why not believe that it was all a devious plan to finally rid the world of the evil and tragedy that her sister brought? It’s not out of Ali’s wheelhouse to be that maniacal.

Releasing Her Makes Her Vulnerable

One major defense behind the theory that one of the liars killed Charlotte is that they must have testified on her behalf so that she could be released. Releasing Charlotte from the secure walls of her sanitarium makes it that much easier to kill her once and for all. If one of the girls wanted her dead, this would be their motivation for stating they feel she’s rehabilitated and deserves to be integrated back into society.

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She Could Be Framing the Liars

If that’s the case, then that’s even more reason to suspect Alison, as it was her who convinced the girls to testify on Charlotte’s behalf. Alison most likely even knew that at least one of the girls would not end up doing it and express their disagreement with Charlotte’s release (Aria). If at least one of them makes it known that they don’t want her released, it makes them all look suspicious when Charlotte dies. “You don’t know them like I do,” Alison said.

Just Like the Old Ali

Alison DiLaurentis is a known manipulator. She’s used all of the girls for her own benefit before, so this would not be something completely out of her character. The girl faked her own death, for crying out loud. Sure, she seems to have changed over the years and to truly care for the girls now, but it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch if she reverted back to her old ways. If Alison is guilty of killing Charlotte, it’s not because she’s out for revenge against everyone. No one has done anything to wrong her except for Charlotte. Charlotte is at the root of all the tragedy in Rosewood. It’s possible she just wants her out of the way so that she can truly move forward and start a new life.

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Even If She Killed Her, She’s Not the New “A”

Alison may be responsible for killing Charlotte. If she is, she’s not out to play new games with the girls like her sister. That being said, someone definitely is. The series wouldn’t simply continue with the only storyline being, “who killed Charlotte?” That’s why the new episodes end with a cryptic figure, someone of wealth who’s seen watching the girls. This person is most likely the new “A”, out to mess with the girls’ minds. A new game has just begun.

So Who is The New “A”?

We know one thing — the new “A” is a guy. At the end of season 6A, the girls run in to Alison’s classroom and say, “he’s coming for you.” The figure who enters the limo at the end of the episode “Charlotte’s Web”, the limo driver tells the mysterious figure who’s following the girls, “I’m sorry for your loss sir.” Granted, we also “knew” that about the original “A” and were then thrown the twist that “A” was a transgender. We also know that there will be a twin revealed in Pretty Little Liars soon, as creator I. Marlene King has confirmed:

We know that there’s a twin somewhere in the new season. In light of this, here’s what we’re proposing; the new “A” could be Charlotte’s twin who has not transitioned as Charles did to Charlotte.

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