All Lucifer wants from Sam is a “yes” in Supernatural‘s “The Devil in the Details.” He takes him on a trip down memory lane, and when words don’t work, he turns to his fists to get the answer he wants. When it comes down to it, Lucifer does get the “yes” he wants — but in a very surprising way.

Here are the important moments leading up to the ending of “The Devil in the Details.”

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Lucifer Visits Rowena in Her Dream

The devil’s eager groupie messed up the spell on purpose so Sam would be trapped with Lucifer — and it gives him time to try to prove why Sam can’t say no to him.

Castiel Finds Dean Suffering from Smiting Sickness

Since the fallout of the smiting doesn’t affect angels, Castiel goes to see if Amara is alive.

Lucifer Tries to Taunt Sam by Telling Him He Used to Be a Hero

He was once wiling to do the hard thing to save the world, Lucifer reminds him as they rewatch Sam’s memory of winning against the devil in Stull Cemetery. But he’s changed and “gone soft.” He and Dean will do anything to save the other, even going so far as to choose each other over the world, like when Sam didn’t close the gates to hell.

Castiel Runs into Ambriel at the Site of the Smiting and She Calls Him Expendable

She is too, the other angel points out. That’s why they’re the ones there. Sam and Dean are the real heroes, so if Amara is alive and kills them, it’s not a big loss and there’s nobility in that.

Amara Tells Castiel He Reeks of Fear and Self-Loathing and Isn’t Worth the Effort of Killing Him

He is expendable, she confirms, and weak, and she doesn’t get why God took a special interest in him. Besides, he’s a bit used up. Kick an angel while he’s down, why don’t you?

Lucifer Tries to Sell Himself to Sam as His Only Choice

With Gabriel and Raphael dead, God out of the picture and Michael essentially broken, Lucifer’s it and he can beat the Darkness. But still Sam says no.

Sam, Dean and Castiel Fight Lucifer in the Cage

Just as Lucifer has the upper hand, Rowena’s spell seems to kick in and the devil disappears in a flash of light.

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Castiel Said Yes to Lucifer 

That’s what Crowley finds out when “Castiel” returns to hell. Just before Rowena completed the spell, Castiel asked Lucifer if he could really beat the Darkness, and when the devil confirmed that he could, Castiel said “yes.”

Lucifer Kills Rowena Because She’s the Only One Who Can Open the Cage

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