Be careful if you use a ride-share app. Or rather, if you do, don’t then go up to a car with the company’s logo and hop in because it’s faster and you don’t want to wait for your car. And if you still do that, don’t then confess your sins on the phone so your driver can overhear. That’s the lesson Criminal Minds teaches with “Drive.”

Here are the most disturbing (and frankly, most Criminal Minds-y) moments from season 11 episode 12.

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The UnSub Walks a Woman to Her Door … and Then Tases Her

Sure, it seems sweet at first (if you haven’t realized he’s the UnSub), until he talks about her expensive taste and then it’s just a matter of waiting to see how he attacks.

The UnSub Is Leaving His Victims’ Bodies in Public Places and Keeping Their Heads

The UnSub Places His Victims in the Guillotine on Their Backs So They See the Blade Coming Towards Them

The Victims’ Knuckles are Broken from Repeatedly Being Hit

The UnSub is punishing his victims before beheading them.

There’s a Long List of Men with a History of Sex Crimes in Boston

But at least none of them have a head fetish?

It’s Surprisingly Easy to Make a Guillotine

“All you need is wood, rope, pulleys and sheet metal from the local hardware store,” according to Reid. But at least it’s not as easy as buying one on Amazon?

The Ride Share Company Is Not Responsible for a Problem Driver

If a driver did something like say, kidnap or drive drunk off a bridge with a passenger, the company isn’t responsible because the drivers are independent contractors. Also, background checks don’t go back more than seven years.

The UnSub Hits His Victim’s Hands as Punishment

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If he thinks they’re lying, he strikes. When he thinks his latest victim is lying about an affair, he reacts.

The UnSub Is Killing Those He Deems Immoral Because He Can’t Punish the One Who Hurt Him

When he was a child, the principal at his school struck his hand and put his photo up on the Wall of Shame. He abused many of his students, and when he killed himself, he left a note apologizing for his sins of the flesh and moral weakness. To the UnSub, he took the easy way out.

The UnSub Has His Own Wall of Shame: a Refrigerator of His Victim’s Heads

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