It seems like there’s no end to the mystery of Elliot Rollins or the mystery of Archer Dunhill. Yes, we mention them separately because we’re not entirely convinced that the man pretending to be Charlotte’s doctor and Alison’s husband is actually A.D. For one thing, Elliot and A.D. seemed to have completely different motives. For another, that would be too quick-and-easy of a solve for Pretty Little Liars. And lastly, there are still some prime suspects for who’s behind the mask of Archer Dunhill.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 7 of Pretty Little Liars.

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Different Motives

For one thing, A.D. and Elliot, while both after Charlotte’s killer, came at it from different angles. We found out at the end of season 6 that Elliot was convinced from the beginning that Alison killed the love of his life, Charlotte. It became revealed that getting Alison to fall in love with him, marry him and sign over her shares of Carissimi to him was all part of a plan for revenge against her, which he devised with Mary Drake. Only Elliot seemed to be after more than that, and Mary Drake wanted out.

A.D., on the other hand, was tormenting and threatening the girls to come forward with Charlotte’s actual killer. If Elliot was convinced long before the girls told A.D. that Alison killed Charlotte (though, she didn’t), then why would he have been going after her all of this time? He was plotting against Alison even when the Liars told A.D. that Hanna killed Charlotte, so the two were obviously not on the same track.

It’s Too Easy

If Elliot was Archer Dunhill, PLL law requires that the girls take several episodes to solve that mystery. It’s hardly ever put together that quickly for them, and it’s never whom they first suspect.

Mona and Hanna found the burner phone in Elliot’s car, which immediately had them connecting him to Jenna, who happened to call at exactly the right time. We can confirm that Jenna and Elliot knew each other based off of this, and her visit to Alison’s house, but that doesn’t mean we can confirm Elliot is A.D. just yet. If Elliot’s real name is Archer Dunhill, even that doesn’t immediately make him the A.D. that’s been after the Liars. We can never assume something to be that cut and dry in Rosewood. In case you’ve forgotten, Alison’s initials are A.D. too, and chances are that a completely different A.D. from either of them is actually the emoji-stalker. The point here is that even if Elliot is Archer Dunhill, that doesn’t make Archer Dunhill the A.D. who’s stalking the Liars. That being said, it’s possible (and pretty likely) that Elliot was working with the real A.D.

I. Marlene King also confirmed that A.D. was Uber A. If Uber A = A.D. = Archer Dunhill = Elliot Rollins, Uber A is dead. In fact, every bad guy is dead. Does it feel like every bad guy is dead? Is this the series finale? No. However, the promo for the episode “Wanted: Dead or Alive” is also trying to lead us to believe that Elliot may not actually be dead. If he is alive, that’s a different story.

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Other Suspects

Elliot was at least working with someone else, and we’re not just talking about Mary Drake. Obviously even if it turns out that Elliot was A.D., the mystery doesn’t stop unraveling there. Who else could he be working with? Season 7 has been having a lot of fun bringing back some old faces, and we’re having a lot of fun seeing those faces return. In the past 2 episodes, we got the malicious Jenna Marshall back and now the “devil”-ishly handsome Noel Kahn has returned to Rosewood as well. These two teaming back up and being joined by Sara Harvey is a surefire recipe for disaster.

Jenna Marshall

PLL Jenna suspect.gif We know Jenna is connected to Archer Dunhill in some way, we just don’t know how. If she’s working with him to plot against the Liars, she’s not doing a very good job of it. She gave up her full name on the phone before even confirming that Archer was on the other line. FYI Jenna, he wasn’t, but your favorite Rosewood girls, Hanna and Mona, sure were. She didn’t stop there, either. She then showed up at Ali’s house looking for her husband. Again, we don’t know for sure if her looking for Elliot was her looking for Archer, or if she knows the two separately. Either way, she knew Elliot for a reason she doesn’t want to share, but she blew up her spot when Ali opened the door.

Sara Harvey

PLL sara suspect.gif We were wondering how long it would take for the creepy, gloves-wearing Sara Harvey to return. Of course she and Jenna were instantly drawn to each other. Creepy attracts creepy. And speaking of creepy, did anyone else cringe when she asked Jenna if she was a “sour girl”? Yikes. Sara’s had it out for the Liars for a while. She may claim to have been brainwashed by Charlotte, but her connection to all of this still remains one of the strongest. If she was brainwashed by Charlotte, of course she would want to go after whoever killed her. If she wasn’t brainwashed, then of course she’d want to kill Charlotte herself. On either side, she’s got motive.

Noel Kahn

Noel is Back PLL.gif Noel’s entrance was perfect. We didn’t realize that we actually missed this jerk’s presence until he flashed his pearly whites and asked us himself. Jenna was obviously expecting him, hence the anticipated drink order. The two have worked together in ploys before, so whatever Jenna’s up to, Noel is definitely working as her right-hand man. If Jenna is Uber A, this could mean Noel is acting as A.D.

Do you think Elliot is actually Archer, or could someone else be the emoji-stalker? Let us know in the comments below!

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