We’ve come to love Pretty Little Liars for so many different reasons over the years. It makes us laugh, it makes us cry and it drives us crazy coming up with new theories. However, sometimes this show can get real serious real quick and hits us right in the feels. Let’s look back at 7 times PLL just got way too real.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for seasons 1-7 of Pretty Little Liars.

1. Emily’s Coming Out Moment

This was truly one of the most heartwarming and real scenes of the show. Emily struggles with being herself all her life, and telling her army father that she was gay was not an easy task. To see how warm and accepting he was of his daughter definitely brings tears to the eyes.

2. When Spencer Thought She Found Toby’s Body

The trauma of thinking you’re seeing the love of your life’s corpse is unimaginable, but of course Bellisario makes us feel exactly what Spencer is feeling. Our stomachs dropped right along with her when she thought she found Toby’s dead body.

3. Aria Confronting Ezra

As much as we love Ezra, all of the lies that he told Aria were not cool. When she confronted him about everything he had kept from her over the years, especially the story he was writing about her and her friends, we finally got to see Aria show some serious anger, and we all could feel it.

4. Caleb Talking About His Mom (and Leaving Rosewood)

Up until this point, Caleb always seemed like an uncaring and sarcastic guy. Finding out about his family reaching out to him turned Caleb into a total softie and when he describes speaking to his mom, our hearts totally warmed up. When he went on to say that she told him his voice was just like his dad’s, he broke down, and we fell to the floor in tears.

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5. Spencer’s Drug Problem

Troian Bellisario can bring it in every scene and her whole drug problem storyline was amazing. We really got to see how pressure and stress can get to anyone, especially Rosewood High’s smartest student.

6. Caleb’s Confession

This was one of the best moments of the show, and definitely top 3 moments for Caleb in general. The whole speech was amazing because it not only showed just how much he cared for Spencer, but how scared he was to lose her. It was hard to watch him get so desperate. Even more difficult was seeing how it tore Spencer up because of what he did to her, and watching Hanna have to stifle her reaction to hearing the love of her life express his love to her best friend.

7. Spencer Talking About Feeling Normal Again

These poor Liars. Spencer was the first one to really vocalize in a serious way how traumatic everything they’ve gone through has been, and how unfair it is that it’s happening again. She lays out the feeling of normalcy and loss of paranoia in the years after high school, and you really feel for them when she then points out how it now has to all come back when they get back to Rosewood.

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