After ruling out Gunther, the Boston Police are on the hunt for the real Silver Bells Killer and they’ve set their sights set on Cam. But with Cam hallucinating about a dead body, things aren’t looking good. So is he the Silver Bells Killer?

Garrett Loses His Cool

American Gothic’s “The Artist in his Museum” begins where last week’s American Gothic left off with Garrett menacingly holding his belt behind Christina’s back. He doesn’t strangle her, though. They’re about to hookup when Christina’s neighbor, Wendy, shows up to bring Christina’s dog back. She also swears that she’s met Garrett before. Garrett freaks out when he hears Christina say that they were on a date and says he “can’t do this” and runs out.

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Cam Continues His Spiral

Cam washes the blood off his hands from the dealer he punched and is just about ready to get high when Brady storms in and questions him about the Silver Bells Killer. “You are about to become our main suspect,” Brady says. He forces Cam back home instead of the police station. Brady warns Tessa that the police are going to go after Cam and he needs to get clean before they do. He has the needle that Cam was using and asks Tessa for her permission to test it for DNA, but she says no. Tessa then goes to talk to Cam and tells him that they’ll deal with his withdrawal together. Then they wonder where Madeline is.

Detective Cutter and the rest of the cops hold a meeting about investigating Cam as the killer. Brady says it’s not Cam. Cam’s a drug addict and isn’t smart enough to pull this off, but Cutter thinks he’s an artist who hates the wealth he grew up with. Brady’s boss tells him to investigate any connections between the killer and the Hawthornes. He has a conflict of interest, but he also has connections.

Some employee shows up in Alison’s office and threatens to reveal her and Naomi’s relationship. Alison has to leave though when she gets a text from Tessa about Cam’s withdrawal and the fact that he’s a suspect.

Cam is not doing well. He’s hallucinating about silver bells and hearing his dad saying, “I need to show you the body,” and that Cam “can’t run from it” and that that Cam knows “what you saw.” Of course, that’s when the cops come knocking.

Garrett holds Cam against the wall while Tessa answers the door. She tells them that Cam doesn’t live there. Cam, meanwhile, hallucinates his old therapy session and starts talking about “the body.” Cutter wants to look around the house, but Tessa tells her not to come in without a lawyer. She also warns her that they have security cameras, which is a blatant lie.

Alison shows up after the police leave. Tessa tries to get a hold of Madeline, who says she’s at the spa. But she’s not at the spa. Madeline loses the call though.

Alison then goes to talk to Cam and she tells him not to worry about her campaign. She says she was too tough on him before, but she was scared. She knows he can come out of this, though, and she’s going to help. Tessa has to go to work and check on Jack, which means Alison and Garrett have to be alone together! Oh no!

Can Alison And Garrett Work Out Their Issues?

Things are super awkward between Garrett and Alison. Garrett asks her why she’s been avoiding him since he got back, but she says she’s been busy. He doesn’t buy it, so she says she’s not Tessa and can’t just pretend nothing happened. “You have no idea what happened,” he says. So she asks what happened. Garrett says he was keeping things quiet for the greater good. Tessa gets a text that the police are at her office asking about Cam, so she leaves while Garrett takes care of Cam.

Alison goes to her office and tells Cutter that she doesn’t know where Cam is. Naomi then tells Alison that the employee Kimmy got a promotion and a new laptop. She needs to focus on the debate.

Cam continues to have super creepy hallucinations. He sees Jack using his horrifying puppet to rhyme about bodies. He sees a hanging frog. And his dad reminds him of someone dragging a body down a staircase.

Garrett sees Cam having a hallucination. Cam begs him to “make it stop,” so he ties him up in the bathroom. Then Garrett leaves to see Christina. He asks her for help with Cam’s withdrawal. She says to bring him in, but he can’t. She’s pissed that he left her the other night. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he says. She says they all have a past and then she writes a prescription for him.

Alison and Tessa come home to find Cam tied up and Garrett shoving the meds down his throat. Cam, though, continues to hallucinate. His dad tells him he has to “face the past.” He remembers someone dragging the body. He hallucinates Mitch, Garrett and himself dragging the body.

Duty calls and Alison has to go back to the office to deal with Kimmy. Before she leaves, she tells Garrett he should have called before tying Cam up. She then finds out that Naomi hacked into the mayor’s files and blamed Kimmy so they could fire her.

Later, Garrett goes to talk to Cam and apologizes for tying him up. Cam also apologizes for thinking Garrett was screwed up when he was the screwed up one. Garrett than asks about the body Cam kept mentioning. Cam says he’s had images in his head of someone dragging the body down the stairs and a spindle breaking since he was a teenager. He always thought it was a nightmare, but now he thinks it’s a repressed memory. Garrett says the stress and drugs mess with his head. He didn’t see what he thinks he saw. But later, Cam sees the broken spindle.

Is Cam Guilty?

Alison also texts Tessa that the cops went to her office while she’s at work. Tessa then notices Cutter is at the school talking to Jack. Jack starts freaking out that his dad’s going to jail, so Tessa calls Brady and tells him to go through with the DNA test. This has to end.

Brady gets the DNA results, but they don’t say what happened. Brady later comes home, though, and looks very upset. Cam wasn’t a match, but there was a familial match. The blood on the belt belongs to someone else in the family. One of them is the Silver Bells Killer. But we know that already, don’t we?

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What Is Madeline Hiding?

After receiving the mysterious note on American Gothic, Madeline goes to an ATM and stuffs an envelope full of money.

When she tells Tessa she’s at the spa, Madeline’s actually somewhere in Pennsylvania. She hangs out in a diner and watches a waitress con some man and his son. She then hands the waitress the envelope of cash. It’s her mom! Her mom makes her stick around until the end of her shift so they can talk.

Madeline and her mom meet at her mom’s trailer, but her mom’s late and is a terrible driver. Turns out, she’s drunk.

Finally, Madeline’s mom says what she really wants. She wants to meet her grandchildren. Apparently, they had a deal. Mitch wanted Madeline to send her money once a month and she stayed away. Mitch is dead, though, so her mom wants to renegotiate so she can see the kids. Madeline says that Mitch wasn’t the one to make the decision, it was her. Her mom was in jail a lot and she didn’t want her around the kids. Madeline just didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Her mom gives this sob story that she was getting old and that she changed, but Madeline doesn’t buy it. She thinks her mom wanted Madeline to say no, feel guilty, and offer her more money. She gives her a choice to come see the family, or she’ll double the money and she never bothers her again. Madeline winds up driving home alone.

Madeline finally comes home and tells Cam that his problems are in his genes. Her mother was an addict and alcoholic. It’s why she’s so tough on him. Jack needs him.

What Will Garrett Show Christina?

Garrett and Christina meet up again. Garrett says he wants to take her somewhere that will help her understand him better. (That’s not creepy.) Is he going to show her something that has to do with the killer? A body, perhaps? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

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