The two part season 2 premiere of Mr Robot was a necessary, at times interesting, table setting and introductory episode. Now that most of the new characters and updated status quo has been introduced, the season can start in earnest. Mr. Robot doesn’t quite get off the ground running in episode 3 as it’s simply not that type of show. Things are starting to come together, nevertheless. The show is still wonderfully perplexing and messes with your mind at every opportunity but the seasonal arc is being to come into slightly clearer focus. One thing remains abundantly clear, Christian Slater is always bad news.

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Another One Bites the Dust

Mr. Robot continues to wipe the slate clean of boring/poorly drawn characters. Right after the death of Gideon, one of the many bland fsociety members is murdered. Romero, the victim, is found dead in his home (from a headshot) by Mobley, another of the fsociety members. If you didn’t know the names of either one of them, exactly no one would blame you. 

The murder of Romero shocks Mobley and he’s not the only one. Darlene gets in on the action. Together the two go to Trenton, aka the only other girl in fsociety besides Darlene. (This fact and being a Muslim are Trenton’s only defining qualities.) Mobley is convinced that the Dark Army is picking off members of fsociety (and Gideon) to cover their part in the hack. Darlene tells both of these nobodies to “not freak” because everything is fine. This more than likely means that everything is totally not fine. 

She’s A (Really Depressing) Lady 

The murder of Romero does give us an opportunity to properly meet one of Mr. Robot‘s new characters. The investigator working on the fsociety hack for the government, Dominque “Dom” Dipierro and her life are given their first big spotlight. While Dom seems capable, intelligent and right on the trail of fsociety, her life is incredibly lonely and sad. Dom’s only companionship is Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa. It’s the most miserable product placement ever. 

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Speaking of sad ladies, Angela gets invited out to dinner with her hoarse-voiced and (very) old boss at E Corp, Phillip Price. Angela thinks this a date which is sad and disturbing. Thankfully, it is not true. In actuality, Price has invited Angela to dinner to meet two of the men responsible for covering up her mother’s death. Price hands Angela the proverbial keys to ruin their careers. Angela, because she is Angela, is wracked with indecision and guilt about whether to do it or not. Mr. Robot, because it is Mr. Robot, doesn’t tell us what Angela decides to do. 

Out With the Old, In With the New

In Elliot’s world, his conversation with Tyrell from last episode’s cliffhanger goes exactly nowhere. Tyrell might be crazier than Elliot or it could be that Elliot is so crazy that normal people are the ones not making any sense. If that’s too confusing for you then I’m honestly shocked you have made it this far into Mr. Robot. No matter who is actually crazy (or craziest) Elliot decides that that Mr. Robot is the enemy. Elliot’s way of dealing with Mr. Robot is to drug himself with Adderall. 

Mr. Robot tries to make Elliot throw up the drugs, but Elliot quickly gobbles them back up. Yup, Elliot swallows Adderall coated in his own vomit and Mr. Robot has already reached and exceeded its quota for gross stuff not only for this season but the entire series. It turns out to be kind of a good thing though. Elliot guzzling Adderall like Skittles banishes Mr. Robot from his mind. It also keeps Elliot up for a straight week and makes him more jazzed up than a comedy writer’s room in the 70’s mainlining cocaine. Elliot even breaks the fourth wall that this is not working. Faced with his heart exploding or dying from exhaustion, Elliot gives up the Adderall.

Elliot nearly gives up all hope that he is going to be able to work things out with his evil ghost dad. It’s then that Ray shows back up and finally convinces Elliot to talk to him. Though Ray comes to Elliot with friendship and Craig Robinson charm, he secretly has an ulterior motive. Ray is planning something most definitely illegal and he needs Elliot and his hacking skills to pull it off. 

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