Well, Pretty Little Liars dropped another bombshell on us in the season 7 episode, “Along Comes Mary.” After hinting for weeks at a #PLLProposal, the episode ended with a final reveal of which Liar was getting a proposal — but not necessarily what her answer would be. All episode long, the girls worked with Ali to figure out what Mary Drake’s plans were, who Archer Dunhill really was and how he was connected to Jenna. Who would of thought that sticking through that mess would lead to such a romantic scene? With so much going on in all the Liars’ relationships this episode, the proposal really could have gone to anyone. Here are 9 moments that led up to the #PLLProposal we’ve all been waiting to see.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 7 of Pretty Little Liars.

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1. Aria Full of Guilt

PLL Aria with Casserole1.jpg Aria went from being convinced Ali killed Charlotte to promising her that she’d come back for her when she brought her back to the hospital. She was wrong on both counts. She stands and waits outside Ali’s house with a housewarming casserole and a side of apologies. To Aria’s surprise (and concern), Mary Drake was the reason Ali was able to be released.

2. Lying to Ezra

PLL-Aria Lyung1.jpg Ezra opens up to Aria about his trip to New York to visit Nicole. It was sweet that he wanted to let them know that he was getting serious with someone and keep them, as well as Aria, aware of everything. He even tells her it felt wrong lying to her. Aria returns the favor by telling him that “nothing much” really happened while he was away.

3. Ezra’s Ghost Call from Nicole

PLL-Ghost call1.jpg When Ezra is out running errands, he leaves his cell phone behind. Aria answers it when it rings, shocked to see that the call was coming from Nicole (Ezra’s missing/presumed dead ex-girlfriend). This obviously freaks Aria out, but after talking to Emily, she realizes it was likely someone who now had Nicole’s phone. She deletes the call to save Ezra the heartache.

4. Spencer Looks for Caleb

PLL-Spencer Looks for Caleb.jpg Since Caleb’s heartfelt confession to Spencer and Spencer cheating on him (which he doesn’t know about yet), he has apparently disappeared to think things over. Spencer is desperate for some answers, so she even has to endure awkwardly talking about where he could be with Hanna, going over his favorite spots.

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5. Spencer Goes to Toby

PLL-Spencer talks to Toby.jpg Still desperate to find Caleb, Spencer goes to Toby to see if he knows anything. Sure enough, Toby does know where Caleb is. He tells Spencer to give Caleb time to think everything over and he would come to her when he was ready. Also, thank you PLL writers for the line, “Help me Toby-wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

6. Spencer Tells Hanna to Figure Things Out

PLL-Spencer Hanna Figure it out.jpg Spencer is still on edge and frustrated that she hasn’t heard from Caleb. Hanna is overcome with guilt that it’s her fault their relationship is currently in shambles and pleads with Spencer to tell her what she needs to do to help. Spencer tells her she needs to figure out why she’s wearing one guy’s ring when she might have feelings for another. Little does she know, Hanna already figured this out and called off her own engagement.

7. Aria Worries Ezra Knows What She Did

PLL-Aria Worries.jpg When talking about Mary Drake’s intentions with Alison and Emily, Aria gets a text from Ezra saying they need to talk right away. She gets worried that he knows about the mysterious call from Nicole’s phone that Aria deleted, or maybe the other lie she told him that day, so she leaves to meet him immediately.

8. Hanna Thinks About Her Cancelled Engagement

PLL-Hanna Thinks.jpg Though she already called the wedding with Jordan off, Hanna sits and thinks about what Spencer said about figuring things out. She hasn’t told anyone that the engagement is off yet, because she worries that the information would only complicate things between her, Caleb and Spencer even more. She sits and looks at the fake ring she bought to keep her friends thinking she’s engaged, and quickly shoves it back on when Emily comes in the room.

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9. Ezra Can Breathe Again

PLL-Ezra Proposes.jpg Finally, the proposal revealed. Aria enters The Brew expecting to get yelled at for lying to Ezra, or for deleting the phone call. Instead, she finds the place covered in candles, and a suit-wearing Ezra waiting for her. Ezra tells Aria that even though they spent years apart, the moment she walked in the door, it felt like the end of a roller coaster — when your stomach is flipping out and your knees are weak, but you can breathe again. He tells Aria he doesn’t ever want to let her go, and asks her to marry him.

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