With a little over a week before the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars, it appears that A is back for the holidays and spreading his/her cheer around Rosewood.

Yesterday I received another package, similar to the pumpkin full of M&Ms that directed me to a preview clip of a blurry face and the yummy Apple Pie that led me to a second clip of Emily defending Toby. This time however, I was sent a digital photo frame with preloaded pictures and this message fromĀ  A:

I Know You’ve Been Naughty This Year

The message was followed by a series of photos (you can take a look at them below but I will warn you there are also photos from the upcoming episode so there might be spoilers) followed by a link which basically showed me the same photos but with a hint of what I’m supposed to do with them: find out where A is. Specifically A wrote:

Where and what am I? You Tell me.

Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson

Remember, Pretty Little Liars returns January 3 on ABC Family. Are you excited for all the mystery and drama?

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(Image courtesy of ABC Family)

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