If you’ve been watching Psych over the past few years, you should be very familiar with Mr. Yin and Mr. Yang, the ruthless and tricky serial killers who have made life tricky for Shawn Spencer. For the season 5 finale, “Yin 3 in 2D,” the killers are back. And we may even get a look at Mr. Yin!

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This is the third visit from the Yin/Yang serial killers. The first appearance, in “An Evening with Mr. Yang” at the end of season 3, introduced Mr. Yang (played by Ally Sheedy), who left tricky clues to lead Shawn to her. Her obsession did not lessen in psycho prison, as we saw in the season 4 finale, “Mr. Yin Presents.” As the characters all scrambled their way through Alfred Hitchcock-themed riddles, we learned that Mr. Yin, Yang’s old partner, was even crazier — and still out there.

Now Mr. Yin is back and apparently heading for a showdown with Shawn and the Santa Barbara Police Department. The stage is set with the arrival of a young woman (played by Mena Suvari, so you know she’s going to be important) claiming to have been kidnapped by Mr. Yin. Although Shawn does not initially believe her, the young woman ends up seeking safety in Shawn’s childhood bedroom.

Considering that Mr. Yin had a photo of Shawn (posing with Ally Sheedy) as a boy, the choice of Shawn’s bedroom may just become important to the plot. Who is Mr. Yin, after all? And what is the basis of the obsession with Shawn?

Of course, as the case progresses, help must be sought from the loony Mr. Yang. Because just telling them the pertinent information would be too easy, Yang insists on accompanying Shawn and Gus through their investigation. That cannot possibly end well.

At the other end of the sanity spectrum, Shawn’s psychologist mother Madeleine returns, either to lend a hand in the investigation or to put herself in danger. Also possibly in danger (again) from Mr. Yin is Juliet. Last time, she nearly died in Yin’s Hitchcockian reenactments and her new status as Shawn’s girlfriend can only increase the danger.

Will Shawn and Gus win? Of course. Will they actually find and capture Mr. Yin as part of the victory? That’s not so sure. The killer has eluded capture for two years, and Psych seems to love bringing back Shawn’s only true nemeses over and over again.

We’ll just have to watch the Psych season finale to see!

What do you think? Will Shawn catch Mr. Yin? Who do you think the killer might be? And what’s the purpose of the Mr. Potato Head doll? Let us know in the comments section!

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