Not all kids are cut out for public performance, as we saw this morning in this cuteness compilation of kids adorably screwing up in Christmas pageants. But some kids are–none more than our favorite fake high school losers, the McKinley High Gleeks.

So: What’s new with them? Let’s find out as we continue to bide our time until they return in February. Fun! Not as much fun as watching Glee. But still. Fun … ish.

Check out What to Do While You Wait for Glee to Come Back Part 1.

#1 Watch the Gleeks answer more fan questions and pretend they weren’t super cool in high school!

#2 Watch baby Lea Michele talk about how she’s just a kid who loves her mom. (AKA, according to E! News, a “diva.”)

#3 Read this spoiler about Brittany and Santana’s relationship from E!:

Will Brittana ever get together as was promised?

“How’s this for a Christmas gift for you!? A source who insists they be called “Santittany” tells me that there will be developments between Brittany and Santana. And soon. […] When asked about Brittany and Santana hooking up, [Heather Morris] said, “Oh God…not that I know of. But I hope so. I miss [Santana]! We have such good stuff. It’s not that I don’t love mine and Artie’s relationship but…” Speaking of that pairing, Lea Michele told us, “I love Artie and Brittany. And oh my God, he sings a song to her in the Valentine’s Day episode that is adorable so I’m really loving them right now. ” However, when we asked Heather what that song might be, she said, “I don’t think I can reveal that. And I actually don’t know because the episode just changed.” Hmmm…

#4 Learn 10 things you didn’t know about Naya Rivera. My favorite is #9 because it’s very brief and they don’t clarify if she’s just a pack rat or a Hoarders-level hoarder. It’s a mystery!

#5 Last but not least … more Lea! This time, listen to her spill about the upcoming “Thriller” number in the Superbowl episode, plus her time moonlighting on the football field with the boys.

(Image courtesy of Fox)