Already anxious for more new Glee in your life? It may be a long winter, unless you know how to hibernate.

But here are some fun Glee bits to help tide you over until February:

1. Watch the Glee stars answer fan questions about their favorite things:

Remember, kids: If you ever meet Kevin McHale, remember to bow.

2. Let them inspire you to do charity work:

Grand pianos are not lame, kids. NOT LAME. They’re GRAND!

3. Allow SAG-nominated actor Chris Colfer to call you a pervert:

Yeah, calm down, perverts. But also, don’t listen to Chris, perverts. Blaine and Kurt totally better kiss! Why not spend your time spreading around an e-petition for it? [Video from E!]

4. Try out to be on Glee.

If you can get to Chicago or Dallas, you’re invited to The Glee Project’s open casting calls this weekend. Even if you don’t get cast as one of the lovable Glee losers, you might still make it as a real life lovable loser on Oxygen’s “so new competition series” about people trying to get cast as losers on Glee. How very meta.

5. Listen to Cory Monteith’s new band, Bonnie Dune.

Their Facebook says they’re playing a show in Hollywood in early January.

6. Read the new Glee comic book?

Which is apparently about the stars themselves, not about the characters? Oh well. Read it anyway, if you want.

7. Argue over how wrong (or right! that is an option!) we were about the 15 Best Glee Performances of Season 2 So Far.

So many good songs. So hard to choose.

Sure, all this probably won’t keep you busy until February. But it’s a start!

(Image courtesy of Fox)


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