One of the best things about being a teenage girl in love with a vampire is that there’s probably a second, equally hot vampire who is also in love with you.  Such is the “dilemma” for Elena on The Vampire Diaries.  Yes, she is clearly in love with Stefan from the start, but things aren’t always that simple.

As we know, a girl who looked just like Elena a long time ago once came between the Salvatore brothers, and both were hopelessly in love with her.  Already Damon has developed a disturbing fascination with Elena, but is that a road you want to see her go down, or are you firmly in the Stelena camp?

Let’s look at both sides and see who we really want to win Elena’s heart.

Team Stefan

Obviously Stefan is the better option right now, mostly because he doesn’t want to suck her blood.  The best thing going for Stefan is that his brother Damon is seriously evil and twisted, not just a rebellious bad boy with a heart of gold.

And in my opinion, Stefan could also win in the looks department.  While Ian Somerhalder is undeniably pretty, Paul Wesley is the typical hunk.  He looks like he just walked off the set of an Abercrombie and Fitch photo shoot, ironic as Somerhalder is the one who has a history of modeling.

At 26, Wesley is also more age appropriate for the 20-year-old Nina Dobrev than 30-year-old Somerhalder.  And, simply because it’s my home state, Wesley gets bonus points for being from New Jersey.

Team Damon

While Damon is the evil brother, he also has history on his side.  While fans may initially be resistant to the notion of Damon as a suitable soulmate for Elena, other vampire tales tell another story.

For the first season of True Blood, fans were in love with Sookie and Bill’s romance.  But now along comes Eric, the evil vampire who Sookie claimed to hate, and now you’d be hard-pressed to find a fan who would prefer being bitten by Bill over Eric.

The same goes for Twilight, without the vampires.  Everybody loved Edward and Bella in the first movie and they all worshiped them as a couple.  But after one look at Taylor Lautner’s abs in the New Moon trailer, a tide rose up of fans who wanted Bella to dump the zero and get with the werewolf hero.

The same may in fact happen on The Vampire Diaries.  Right now, it’s all about Stefan and Elena, and they do make a great couple.  But look at the big picture.  Will Stefan’s brooding depression and general angst over being a vampire wear thin, and will Damon’s wicked smile eventually win over fans and Elena?

Only time will tell, and while it may be inevitable that Damon is her future, I’m sticking with my boy Stefan for now.  Mostly, it’s because Paul Wesley is from New Jersey, and us Jersey boys gotta stick together.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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