]]>I’m in a pretty good mood today and I’d like to think it has something to do with what’s on TV tonight. Sure, it’s a little bit shallow but not if you’re a Supernatural fan. Because tonight is the night Lucifer rises. It’s also the night I finally lay my eyes on those hot Winchester boys.

I’ve been rewinding the fourth season of Supernatural the past few days so last season’s climatic ending is still fresh in my mind. With Sam having killed Lilith, and ultimately breaking the final seal, Lucifer is now free. And with Lucifer comes the Apocalypse. But I’d like to think that Supernatural has its own version of the end of the world apart from a giant hurricane, the collision of a large meteoroid, or perhaps seeing a bunch of possessed naked people running around the street and having orgies. I expect it to be something grave yet subtle. Maybe even something that’s happening right in front of you and you don’t even know it.

But the Apocalypse is the least of my worries right now since I know that there’s an entire season of Supernatural devoted to it. What I’m really looking forward to tonight are the following:

Meeting the Devil

I can’t imagine being in Sam and Dean’s shoes, watching Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) as he emerges from hell as Supernatural kicks off its fourth season opener. It must be the most frightening experience ever out of all their horrifying adventures since the show has build up Lucifer as powerful and just pure evil. But what happens when he turns out to be the most compassionate character this season? After all, “Sympathy for the Devil,” the title of the season 5 premiere, is a clever play on words that puts across just how much different Lucifer is from what we all imagined.

Sam and Dean’s Relationship

Having gone through the events at the end of season 4, Sam, who carries a huge weight on his shoulder for being responsible for freeing Lucifer from his hellish imprisonment and who must feel such horrifying regret, gets emotional and tries to settle his fallout with Dean. I’d love to see Sam and Dean make amends but I’m not expecting an immediate resolution. They said some pretty heavy stuff to each other and it even came to a point where they vowed never to see each other again so it’s going to be hard to patch up all those unresolved issues in the first episode alone. But knowing Dean, he’ll probably want to bottle up all his feelings and just pretend to move on in order to focus on Lucifer, at least for now.


Poor Cas. He’s now blown to bits by the archangels after trying to help Dean stop the final seal from being broken. Sam and Dean, along with Bobby (Jim Beaver) learns this stunning news from Chuck the Prophet (Rob Benedict), who says he’s having a very stressful day since he found one of Cas’ molars in his hair. It’s a pretty hilarious scene but this leaves me with the question: How can Cas return after being squashed like a water balloon of chunky soup?

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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