Cat Deeley was right when she predicted that last night’s So You Think You Can Dance finale “dance superstar” would have everyone talking today.

In the final moments of the live show–before Cat crowned Lauren Froderman “America’s Favorite Dancer” and the stage was littered with rainbow confetti–Ellen DeGeneres and SYTYCD All-Star Stephen “tWitch” Boss paired up for a NappyTabs hip-hop routine. (For those who haven’t been following the show, NappyTabs is SYTYCD-speak for the choreography wonder-duo that is Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo.) Lil Jon’s “Outta Your Mind” was the song NappyTabs chose for the routine.

Alex Wong, the season 7 contestant who originally performed with tWitch, had everyone hitting “replay” at home following the performance. It was one of the most memorable dances of the season, which is why it came as such sad news when Alex was eliminated the following week after suffering a lacerated Achilles tendon. If not for his injury, I have no doubt that he would have been one of the show’s top contenders.

The routine apparently grabbed Ellen’s attention, and when she casually mentioned paying tribute to Alex in a routine of her own, NappyTabs took her seriously. Fast forward to Ellen in the SYTYCD dance rehearsal room with tWitch. While she’s no stranger to dancing–anyone who has ever watched the first five minutes of her show knows that–I can’t imagine how nervous she probably felt going into last night.
Not that any one of us could tell.
Ellen’s performance went off without a hitch (in my opinion).  And while she’s no Alex Wong, she poked fun at her own clumsiness throughout the routine, making it even better than if she’d try to dance it with a straight face. Check out the judges’ reactions and watch some highlights from the routine:

Alex (and his crutches) made an appearance after the performance, and if the look on Ellen’s face was any indication, I think she felt pretty pleased with her tribute.

What did you think of Ellen’s performance? Sound off in the comments below!

(Image courtesy of FOX/Video courtesy of Zap2it)

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