It’s finally time for something to come between Rachel and her man on Big Brother 12. The entity collectively known as Brenchel is on the block, and without any special wizard powers, one of them will be evicted. It’s a night of tears, more tears, a new HoH competition and hopefully a little sabotage on the side.

PoV Aftermath: Brendon’s quest to save Rachel by acting like a total jerk continues, including his epic fight with Ragan I documented HERE. It’s even more delicious and awesome the second time around, especially Brendon’s, “First of all, it’s pronounced neandertal.” Sadly Brendon gets a very good edit because they don’t include all the personal attacks Brendon made against Britney, saying that her fiance is sleeping with a ton of other girls while Britney’s in the house. But he did say that.

Rachel thinks that Brendon yelling at Britney and Ragan makes him “the most amazing, special person I’ve ever met.” Brendon then admits that he’s an idiot, if giving up the chance to win $500,000 for love makes you an idiot. It does, and so does the fact that Brendon is stupid enough to think that his “relationship” with Rachel is true love.

Sadly, at first, the HGs seem to fall for Brendon’s plan and want to evict him because he’s so mean. The problem is that Brendon and Rachel are banking on the fact that the rest of the house will vote emotionally and not strategically. Then things start to get back to normal when the Brigade meets to discuss what’s best for them in the game.

Saboteur: The worst twist ever continues because Ragan gets to choose not to do something to Britney and instead he gets to record another message. Is making anonymous video messages that the rest of the HGs don’t really care about. That is not actual sabotage, it’s just a mind game where it doesn’t matter that he’s even in the house.

Julie and the HGs: Julie brings up the Kathy/Rachel fight. Way to pick at a fresh wound, Julie. Kathy defends herself and Rachel stares daggers into her. Julie also asks who the most underestimated HG is and the majority of them say Ragan, including Ragan. Britney, Hayden and Kathy also get votes while Rachel passive aggressively accuses everyone of not playing hard enough.

Brendon’s Ex Fiancee: She confirms everythingI ever suspected, which is that Brendon is emotional and says nice things, but it didn’t work because he wanted to change her. It’s the exact same thing happening with Rachel, where he tries to get her to be something that she isn’t. The fiancee’s parents are so happy their daughter didn’t marry this tool. I’m ready to throw in the towel, because even Brendon doesn’t deserve having your ex-fiancee interviewed on national TV.

Nominee Speeches: Rachel plays the same old song about how hard she’s been fighting before professing her love for Brendon. Brendon’s speech is all over the place, being accusatory, manic depressive  and historical when he compares himself to a witch in Salem.

Enzo votes to evict…RACHEL
Britney votes to evict…RACHEL
Kathy votes to evict…RACHEL
Ragan votes to evict…RACHEL
Lane votes to evict…RACHEL
Hayden votes to evict…RACHEL


Good for them, basing the vote on the game and not personal animosity. Not only do they defy Brendon’s wishes, but they defy Rachel, who accuses everyone of playing too emotionally.

Sadly Brendon and Rachel were tipped off beforehand, denying us the amazing fireworks of a blind side. Unlike all the other evictions, Rachel only says goodbye to Brendon as if he’s the only person in the world.

Rachel is surprisingly quiet in her interview with Julie and she is a totally different person and seems genuinely happy that the HGs voted to evict her, because it means they see her as a bigger threat. I’m shocked and happy that she’s not overly dramatic. Britney is mean and catty in her farewell message while the others at least pretend to suck up to her to win her jury vote.

A NEW TWIST!? Julie tells Rachel that she may not have seen the house for the last time. I smell something awesome.

America is also voting for the Have-Not’s food:

Bologna and Bran Muffins
Eggplant and Escargot
Turnips and Tofu

The first option is the only tolerable one, so I suspect America will vote for the eggplant and snails.

HoH Competition: The HGs must weave themselves through a web and untangle their rope. The HoH also gets to choose the three Have-Nots for the week

Come on, it’s ANOTHER endurance competition? I’ll be here until the end, once again.

Find Out Who Wins the HoH Competition>>

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