Jeff and Jordan are back! There’s a lot of other nonsense from Rachel and Brendon in this episode of Big Brother 12, but it’s the happy returning couple who make it all bearable.

Here are the five most awesome things to come out of Jeff and Jordan’s return to Big Brother to host the Power of Veto competition.

Jeff and Jordan Love Enzo and Hate Brenchel

Reading between the lines it was easy to see what Jeff and Jordan think of this season. They instantly called Enzo the Meow Meow, showing that they love him and probably love the Birgade.

Then Jeff made a point of saying that his relationship with Jordan is so good because they were friends first in the Big Brother house before taking things to the next level. The subtext, as I read it, is that since Brendon and Rachel started professing their eternal love for one another in the first week, Jeff, like me, thinks it’s a giant joke and that their relationship is doomed.

Kathy vs. Rachel

The PoV competition was a knockout style bowling match, so Rachel chose to go against Kathy, because Kathy is the weakest person in the house and would be easy to beat. And then Kathy won.

Weak little Kathy beat Rachel, who is fighting for her life. Kathy celebrated because it’s the first time she’s ever won anything in this house. Rachel, of course, took this as a personal attack and after the competition she accosted Kathy and demanded an apology. Since Kathy has absolutely nothing to apologize for, she didn’t. Kathy tried multiple times to get up and walk away, being the bigger woman, but Rachel just chased after her demanding an apology.

It was a moment that made me fall in love with Kathy, because she truly handled it with dignity and class. I now want her to win, and just like Britney, I will slap her if she ever apologizes.

Brendon’s Poor Sportsmanship

Right after Rachel lost, Brendon went up to bowl. He only got three pins down, which is pitiful. In fact, when time is done, he picked up a ball and hurled it down the lane like a baseball. Jeff and Jordan looked terrified and Britney called him the worst sport she’s ever seen, and she played fifth grade basketball.

Enzo then beat him, knocking the “gruesome twosome” out right away. Even Rachel couldn’t defend her man, saying that a monkey would get at least four pins. When Rachel is comparing the man she loves unfavorably to a monkey, you know it’s bad.

The Saboteur and No Deal

Ragan’s next sabotage was to try and break up Brendon and Rachel, which is impossible and I have no idea how you’d even judge him for it. All he does is record a stupid little message that nobody believes. It’s also stupid that Ragan gets to scroll through potential sabotages and choose what he wants to do. Worst twist ever.

Meanwhile, Britney won’t use the Power of Veto even if Rachel gives her the $5,000. The highlight is when Britney explained slowly and clearly that even if she used it and Annie came back and was put on the block, Brendon or Rachel would still be evicted.

The PoV Speeches

Rachel cried while begging Britney to use the Power of Veto. Then Brendon stood up and tried to take the bullet by calling Britney a selfish, spoiled brat before asking her to use the PoV on him. It’s basically the same thing Andrew did, only it’s even more pathetic because Brendon’s plan isn’t to stay, it’s to get evicted, and it won’t work.

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