Yes, Frozen is coming to Once Upon a Time, but that’s not all that’s coming in season 4 on the ABC hit series, as the cast previewed at San Diego Comic-Con this year. After all, there are still plenty of stories to tell about the Storybrooke characters.

Josh Dallas and Lana Parrilla sat down with reporters to preview what to expect in the new season for their characters. Get ready to see more of Charming’s past, how Regina handles her unlucky love life and more.

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Check out the video interview with Josh Dallas:

Highlights from the interview:

  • He’s most looking forward to the new characters and how they mix with their characters.
  • Get ready to see a relationship from his past, “a friendship that was really important to him, that literally changed the whole course of his life…with a character that you wouldn’t probably normally connect with Charming.”
  • Yes, everyone’s concerned about Regina.
  • “You’re going to see it develop and grow like any good dysfunctional family.”
  • He wouldn’t reveal if there’s a time jump between seasons.
  • He hopes there’s conflict with Emma not being raised by her parents and their new baby. “I’m sure that’s going to come up…because she’s going to see us being doting parents with this baby and she didn’t have that.”

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Check out the video interview with Lana Parrilla:

Highlights from the interview:

  • Parrilla hopes Regina’s luck with love changes, especially since everyone knows what happens when she’s pissed off: “All hell breaks loose.”
  • That said, “Regina’s not as temperamental as she used to be, and that’s just growth. She’s learned a lot, she’s lived a lot, and she’s had different experiences. She’s had love, lost it and now has love again and now has lost it, but she still has love with her son Henry and I think that’s a relationship that she will want to protect.”
  • If she could, Regina would change things, however, “I don’t see her killing the thing she loves most.”
  • Parrilla thought Emma was going to save the day and loved being surprised to see Regina had light magic. She called it “another beautiful color for Regina and for me to play.”
  • When it comes to the Frozen characters, she’s not worried because of Regina’s go-to power: fire. However, as of the episode 2, “she doesn’t even know Elsa exists, she hasn’t met her.  …Elsa’s a mystery to everyone.”

Once Upon a Time season 4 premieres Sunday, September 28 at 8pm on ABC.

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