Orphan Black is officially back, and as the third season premiere showed, things have definitely changed at Dyad. One character has taken on a new role, while another is just fortunate to be alive.

BuddyTV turned to co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett for the scoop on season 3, and the second part of that chat addresses what’s to come regarding two characters from Dyad, Delphine and Rachel.

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While Rachel did survive the pencil she got to the eye in the season 2 finale, no one at Dyad can afford to “play favorites” anymore and the fact that that even happened is something that has to be kept from Topside. Because of that, the season 3 premiere saw Delphine turn to Sarah to play Rachel when Topside sent Ferdinand, a cleaner, to assess Dyad and the Leda clones. While Sarah handled Ferdinand as Rachel, Delphine showed Rachel a different side of herself when she visited her to find out what exactly she knew. A little pressure on the eye where the pencil had been, and Rachel, despite the trauma to her frontal lobe, was able to give Delphine the answers she needed at the time (namely, that she knew about Helsinki).

But how long can Delphine keep Rachel’s status from Topside? “That’s certainly part of the thrill, and it’s certainly part of Delphine’s conundrum and her character’s storyline this year,” Manson explained. “How far will she go? How far can she go? And what kind of person is she willing to be to do so?”

The season premiere also saw Sarah learn that Rachel was planning to eliminate her fellow Leda clones and their loved ones. But now that Rachel is seemingly confined to that hospital bed for the immediate future and has suffered brain damage, is she still a threat? “Her situation, her medical [situation], the fact that she’s alive even, will be discovered,” Fawcett promised. “How much of a threat is she to our girls remains to be seen.”

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Orphan Black season 3 airs Saturdays at 9pm on BBC America.

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