The more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s the moral of Supernatural because, 10 seasons in, the Winchester brothers continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

This week Charlie returns with the Book of the Damned. It can cure the Mark of the Cain, but there will be serious and even more dangerous repercussions if they use it. The brothers fundamentally agree on what to do next. But just like when Dean sold his soul at the end of season 2 or when Sam became Lucifer in season 5 or when Dean tricked Sam into letting Ezekiel in at the start of season 9, one brother goes behind the other’s back in order to try and save him. But at least one good thing comes out of this episode: Cas gets his mojo back!

Charlie Gives Dean Some Hope

Charlie Bradbury is back and she found the Book of the Damned, an ancient spell book that can potentially undo the Mark of Cain. But she’s being chased by a creepy Cajun who claims the Book belongs to his family. She contacts Sam and Dean who arrange to meet up with her to try and decode the Book.

At the bunker, Dean fills Sam in on his hijinx from the last episode with Rowena and Crowley. The fact that the Mark is a curse gives Dean hope that it can be lifted. He’s more optimistic than ever before about being cured. Dean is even rocking out in the Impala again and fantasizing about going to a beach once everything is fixed. Oh Dean, you should know by now that optimism and Supernatural don’t mix.

Does the Book Have a Cure?

The Winchesters meet Charlie at one of Bobby’s old cabins to research. Charlie and Sam translate the Book, but even the translation is in code. Dean researches the family chasing Charlie and learns they’re the Stynes, a really evil family that once helped the Nazis.

Also, the Book is calling to Dean to use it, but Dean knows that using dark magic will have dangerous side effects, so he wants to destroy the Book and try to find another way to cure him. He leaves and happens to find the Stynes. They fight and Dean rushes back to the cabin, inadvertently leading them right to the Book.

Meanwhile, Sam and Charlie have a heart-to-heart about all the brotherly drama of the last two seasons. Sam finally admits that hunting is his life and he can’t and won’t do it without his brother. Also, Charlie’s dream is starting a tech company and marrying Scarlett Johansson.

When Dean returns they fight the Stynes while Sam uses holy oil to burn the Book of the Damned. Everything is good and Dean just hopes that they’ll find another way to cure him that doesn’t have deadly side effects.

Cas and Metatron’s Road Trip

Cas and Metatron are on the road to retrieve Castiel’s stolen Grace. A now Grace-less and human Metatron enjoys Alanis Morissette and waffles, but he’s just stalling because he knows once Cas gets his Grace back, he’s a dead man.

They get to a library with a clue to the Grace. As they search for it, Metatron wants to know what Castiel’s mission is, because he seems to be wandering around the Earth with no real purpose anymore. But it’s just another stall technique as Metatron uses the blood from his leg wound to paint some symbols that can kill Cas.

As Cas struggles, Metatron retrieves what he really came for: the Demon Tablet. But that’s when Cas finds his Grace, drinks it and hulks out as he regains his original Castiel angel strength. At least someone got cured in this episode.

Sam Betrays His Brother

In the aftermath, Sam, Dean, Cas and Charlie all return to the bunker. Charlie meets Cas for the first time and is stoked that he can cure her carpel tunnel syndrome, thinking that they’re going to become BFFs. Dean is happy that Cas got his mojo back, calling it a win.

However, all is not well. Sam and Cas lie to Dean about how Cas got his Grace back, leaving out the part about Metatron getting free with the Demon Tablet. But it gets much, much worse.

Sam didn’t destroy the Book of the Damned, he only pretended to. At the end of the episode, he takes the Book to Rowena, asking her to help cure Dean. Damn it, Sam, will you ever learn that making these kinds of deals ALWAYS backfires? But in his defense, it’s kind of the same thing Dean pulled with Ezekiel, making a deal behind his brother’s back in hopes that it would save him, no matter the cost.

Next week on Supernatural: Sam works with Rowena and Dean’s vampire buddy Benny returns.

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