Charlie’s coming to Dean’s rescue on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 18. Well, at least, she hopes she’ll be able to save Dean from the Mark of Cain after a difficult search for the Book of the Damned.

BuddyTV caught up with Felicia Day to get the scoop on her return, how Charlie’s dealing with the aftermath of her last visit, the search for the Book of the Damned, whether Charlie would want to be a full-time Hunter and which of Sam and Dean’s friends she will be meeting. She also teases a possible return this season.

[Video] Supernatural Preview: Charlie Returns with the Book of the Dead

When we last saw Charlie she had just dealt with the good and the evil within her. When we see her again, will she be changed from that experience?

If you go through a situation where you see the darkest side of you do things that you find not very unconscionable, I think it certainly impacts who you are, but the biggest residual we’ll see Charlie react to from that experience is she’s highly motivated to get this Book of the Damned decoded. 

And that’s why she comes back to Sam and Dean with it having tracked it down. She doesn’t want Dean to go through what she just went through sort of enduring the darkest part of herself and having to live with knowing that’s inside you somehow.

Has she been spending her time looking for the Book? Where has she been?

She went to Italy to track down this Book of the Damned and after a lot of tracking it down she is finally back in the States with the book. The thing about it is she doesn’t have any idea what it says inside. It’s just not decipherable. So she’s coming back with the book and being chased by this mysterious group of people — a family of some sort — seeking help to escape them, as well as, get the book translated so the Mark of Cain might be able to be taken off Dean.

What is the importance of the Book of the Damned?

There is something in this book that perhaps could help remove the Mark of Cain from Dean which is a thing he’s struggled obviously a lot this season. It’s kind of a quick sand pulling him into more and more evil. The idea is that there’s something in this book that is coded and that they need to figure out in order to–. It could be their only hope for Dean. So that’s why the stakes are very high with this book. Whether or not it’s helpful is to be determined obviously.

Charlie gets shot. She really puts her life on the line for Dean. How life threatening is this injury?

Umm, you know, it’s not a good thing.[Laughs] She definitely encountered a lot of aggression. This is a particularly dangerous enemy that she’s stumbled upon in trying to tracking down this book, so a lot of the situation is not only bringing the book back to Sam and Dean, but also bringing this family. And who are these people? It’s a lot of investigating. 

What I love about it is that we’ve seen a lot of Charlie mythology in the past, but this is really about her being a part of the guys’ world, fitting in and contributing in her unique way. It’s really great to see that happen.

If she could do it all over again, do you think Charlie would want to know about this world, met the Winchesters and gone through everything she has?

Absolutely. I think that although she has struggled with the reality of it, she has a unique past that she hasn’t been able to reveal or be herself or be honest about who she is and where she came from. And what she’s done in the past to try to overcome that and hide it and meeting two other people who also have to have hidden lives and are making a difference for good, I think she’s found a crusader in her heart. 

Whether she’s overcoming her intimidation or her fear, she is motivated by doing the right thing and that’s what she admires about the guys. If you’ve never been part of a family and you find a little bit of a family to belong to, you’re going to fight for that experience because that’s what we are all looking for in this world– to belong. It think she would in a heartbeat she would take that again to go through.

Do you think she would want to be a hunter full-time and face the evils of the world?

I think that definitely. We’ve seen in episodes past that she really wants to be a hunter. She wants to earn her place. She doesn’t have the skills that the guys do, but that’s something she’s highly motivated to prove herself, to improve and to learn how to be part of this world. And, yes, I think having been this floating hacker, hiding who she is, and suddenly finding a world where she can make a difference highly motivates her to try to belong and earn the title of Hunter.

Charlie’s pretty much interacted with Sam and Dean the most. Is there another character on Supernatural who you think Charlie would really want to meet and who would it be?

Yeah. I definitely think it’s Castiel. The cool thing is in this episode they do finally get to meet. I’m pretty excited about that. Charlie has a knowledge of Castiel from the books that she’s read and the research she’s done and I really do think that sort of chemistry will be interesting to explore because they are so distinctive in their point of view of the world. Their working together would be interesting. They do get to meet in this episode which is great.

Anything else you want tease about Charlie’s return?

You may be able to see me again this season, but I can’t talk about the particulars of that. So that’s something I can kind of talk about. [Laughs] I will probably be back, but the circumstances are to be determined or to be announced.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET on the CW.

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