The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 18, “I Could Never Love Like That,” expands the vampire and witch mythology with the introduction of the dangerous Heretics. Lily helps Stefan get his humanity back by using Damon’s emotional words (since she has no emotional heart of her own), but hides her true evil intentions.

The truth about Lily was only one of the surprising moments from “I Could Never Love Like That.”

For more on what happened, check out the recap.

#15 Caroline ‘Scares’ A Guy to Death

That’s almost as bad as Stefan and Caroline having a bet about whether or not she could scare a guy to death. Compulsion or not, Caroline wins!

#14 Enzo Freaks Out When He Comes Face-to-Face with Lily

#13 With Everything Going On, Damon and Elena Still Have Time to Be Lovey-Dovey

#12 Sarah’s on Vervain! Enzo’s Compulsion Fail!

#11 Caroline Karaokes During Study Time Without a Care in the World

#10 Lily Confesses She Doesn’t Have an Emotional Connection to Her Sons Now

#9 The Bar is Compelled to Pay Attention to Caroline’s Performance

#8 Caroline Decides Whether She’s Going to Kill Matt or Tyler

#7 Caroline Manipulates the Situation so Tyler Stabs Matt

#6 Damon Gives His Mother the Ascendant

#5 Lily Helps Stefan Get His Humanity Back

#4 Matt Refuses Elena’s Blood to Heal Because He Hates Vampires

He wants to stop taking advantage of the benefits of something he hates.

#3 Damon Doesn’t Tell Elena About the Cure

Even after his conversation with his mother and Elena’s regrets about not being able to have a family, Damon still keeps the Cure a secret.

#2 Lily’s the Leader of the Heretics and Has the Ascendant

#1 Jo Warns Damon About His Mother’s Creations: Vampire Who Can Manifest Magic

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