On this episode of Nashville, “Nobody Knows but Me,” Rayna finds out Maddie’s been keeping a secret. Will wants more than a working relationship with Kevin. Layla asks Jeff to use his connections to land her a high-profile gig. A pop singer shakes up Nashville.

Jeff Fordham seems to have a whole lot of ex girlfriends but none compare to Jade St. John (Christina Aguilera). She’s a pop star of epic proportions, and she’s come to Nashville to perform. Ever the opportunist, Jeff goes to see her in the hopes that she’ll let his most recent ex, Layla, perform as an opening act. Layla may have cut Jeff off from the cookie jar, but she’s smart enough to know he’ll move heaven and earth for his one and only client. Even if that means grovelling to a former flame.

One Hand Washes the Other

Jade does ask for one small favor, she wants to meet Luke Wheeler. Turns out she’s a super fan, and she was all about country until her one-time fiance, Jeff, steered her in the direction of pop instead.

Jeff tries to set something up, but the King of Country isn’t interested in keen on meeting a pop tart. Jade is a pretty cool chick. Even though she got shot down, she decides to give Layla a chance anyway.

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The Bitch is Back

Juliette is going postpartum cray-cray having been home with daughter, Cadence, for three weeks. It’s about time we get to see her vertical and bitchy again. She’s got a chance to write the song for the end credits for her Patsy Cline biopic, but she’s got a 24-hour turnaround which is going to be tough to meet while caring for the newborn. 

Juliette calls in Deacon for reinforcement, but his heart just isn’t in it. Juliette senses Deacon’s phoning it in and calls him out, but instead of telling her about the Big C, he storms out.

Two Exes or Three?

Scarlett is still playing doctor with Caleb and hasn’t seen Gunnar, who’s still pining for her, since the Three Exes got back from their time on the road with Rascal Flatts.

The two come face-to-face when the band does an interview for “Pitchfork.” The writer is all about that steamy duet that Gunnar and Scarlett sang together, as are all the people who have seen it since it’s gone viral. The only interest the guy has in Avery is that he’s Juliette’s baby daddy. Avery points out that all the writer has seen is Scarlett and Gunnar performing as a duo, so the three decide to throw together a gig to focus attention back on all three members of the group.

Business and Pleasure

Will has been working with Kevin, and even though it appeared he was on the cusp of telling the handsome songwriter he was gay, Will tells Gunnar he didn’t actually utter the words. Will has predictably developed a crush on his writing partner, and Gunnar encourages Will to ask Kevin out. But Kevin is OUT, so how anxious is he going to be to head back into the closet with Will?

Maddie’s Got a Secret

Deacon may have cancer, but he and Rayna are blissfully happy. The only fly in the ointment is Maddie, who is still being a monumental pain in the ass. She’s giving both parents the cold shoulder. Mama tries to reach out by offering to spend some quality mother and daughter bonding time at a Jade St. John concert, but Maddie says she has other plans.

Rayna and Deacon may think Maddie’s behavior is strictly the result of her dad’s bleak diagnosis, so Rayna’s shocked and shaken when she spies with her own eyes Maddie smooching with Colt Wheeler, her almost stepbrother. Rayna runs to Luke who knows all about the couple. He even informs her that Colt and Maddie are supposed to attend a Jade St. John concert together.

Rayna confronts her daughter about her secret relationship, and Maddie goes into full-on rebellious mode and shoots herself in the foot by getting grounded. With Maddie under house arrest, Colt is left dateless for the concert, so Luke offers to go which works out perfectly because Miss St. John happens to be a HUGE Luke Wheeler fan.

Lots of Cats, Many Bags

Teddy’s finally got the money to get rid of his whore, but now she wants it in cash. This is going to make it a little easier to figure out who misappropriated if someone were so inclined to dig a little.

Deacon and Maddie have a chat, and he finally makes some headway with his headstrong daughter. She admits that it’s easier for her to hang out with Colt at his dad’s place because being around Deacon makes her sad. Maddie assumes Deacon is embarrassed about being sick because he doesn’t want anyone to know, and he explains he just doesn’t want to be treated differently or pitied. Maddie apologizes for the sneaking around and lying, you know, basic teenager stuff.

Rayna decides she can’t fight city hall, so she lets Maddie come to the concert and gives her blessing to her daughter and her beau.

Deacon decides since their kids are dating that Luke should know about his cancer. Nothing will squash a beef faster than a cancer diagnosis.

All Business, No Pleasure

The Three Exes take the stage and kick ass. The blogger is appropriately impressed, with all of them. Scarlett invites Caleb, but Gunnar didn’t stand a chance anyway since he chose a very unfortunate hat to wear.

Also out of luck in the lovin’ department is Will. He asks Kevin to the impromptu party/concert, but makes it as platonic as possible. When Kevin shows, Will spots him talking to another guy and scurries off.

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Matches Made in Music City

Jade/Christina sings a big number. There are so many strobes and lasers it could cause someone to have a seizure. It’s typical Christina, the tiny woman has a huge voice. Luke, who had no interest in meeting her before, tells Jeff he’s ready for an introduction now. This could be the beginning of a beautiful “friendship.”

Will gets his happy ending, no pun intended. Kevin drops by to find out why he ditched the concert, and Will finally comes clean about his feelings. Kevin suspected the hunky crooner might be gay, but he is pleasantly surprised to find out he’s the object of Will’s affection.

Caution: Danger Dead Ahead

Trouble lay ahead for Avery and Juliette. Not cut out to be a stay-at-home mama, Juliette hires a nanny without consulting her hubby first. She’s off to L.A., and Avery’s left behind contemplating quitting the band for the sake of their daughter.

Teddy is in deep crap. Natasha set him up. She turned him over in exchange for immunity.

Layla admits to Rayna that Jeff is her manager. Rayna may try to play nice for Layla’s sake, but she’s convinced Layla will give the opportunistic, bottom feeder his walking papers soon enough.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC.

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