There are very few television shows that have the honor of making it to 100 episodes.  In fact, these days most shows are lucky if they even make it through an entire season without the network canning them and shipping them off to DVD.  Amongst the shows that have made it to the magical 100 mark, you’ll find plenty of sitcoms, procedurals, and reality franchises, but very few teen dramas.  Most popular shows revolving around teenagers tend to blow up big and quickly fade away, always falling short of making it into the triple digits.

This Tuesday at 9pm, One Tree Hill will enter the exclusive club of teen soaps that have made it to that very special episode.  The 100th hour of the CW series, entitled “Hundred,” will center around the impending nuptials of Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Lindsey.  To get fans pumped for the big event, we have two preview clips from the episode.

The first clip takes place as Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) is walking down the aisle at the wedding.  A flashback to happier times in her own marriage plays as Nathan (James Lafferty) reminisces to a special night they shared together.  It’s all bittersweet good times until we see that crazy nanny Carrie has somehow infiltrated the orchestra.  The evil music swells as Carrie gets that devilish look in her eyes.  I’m not sure why she’s bothering to barge in on Lucas’ wedding, but she’s a complete nut job so it’s not particularly surprising.

The second clip finds the other evildoer, Dan (Paul Johansson), being confronted by Haley.  She sees him sitting outside the church and tells him that he won’t be going inside.  Haley is pretty adamant about keeping Dan out of her life, but we all know he’ll stick around to cause trouble.

When the 100th episode airs on Tuesday, One Tree Hill will have surpassed the run of The O.C. and be moving toward territory previously traveled by the likes of Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills 90210. For a show about the lives and loves of some small town kids, it’s an event that deserves to be celebrated.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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