Days of our Lives fan favorite Arianne Zuker is returning to the daytime drama after being absent from the show for two years.  This is a breath of fresh air for avid viewers, who have been receiving news of several cast cuts in the past months.

Zuker has known of her return to Days of our Lives since last December, but hasn’t been able to talk about it publicly until now.

“It all happened so fast I don’t remember saying, ‘Yes, okay.’  And now, I’m coming back to the show,” the 33-year-old actress told Soap Opera Digest, admitting though that she was surprised about being asked to come back.  “I had no idea that I would even be in the thoughts of Corday at all.  I was very shocked.”

Zuker, who will reprise her role as Nicole Walker, debuted on the NBC soap in 1998.  She went on to play the character for eight years, after which she decided to pursue other television and film projects.  She also took the time to put up her own business, developing her own handcrafted jewelry line called Lowd Suga’.

Arianne Zuker has also been busy with some family matters, having recently gotten back together with actor Kyle Lowder, who played Brady Black on Days of our Lives and can now be seen as Rick Forrester on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful.  Zuker and Lowder tied the knot in 2002, but last August announced they were “amicably parting ways” after five years of marriage.  Last month, however, the two reconciled.

“We have reconciled: love is in the air again,” Zuker told Soap Opera Digest.  “In our statement we said, ‘we’re still the best of friends,’ which we were.  We were always together.  As time went on, we realized that this was just a speed bump in the relationship and that we’re better together than apart.  Things are fantastic!  With the addition of [our new puppy, Taz,] the Lowder household is just breathing new air.  We’re starting from a different place.”

Arianne Zuker’s first airdate is on Tuesday, April 2.  She doesn’t know what kind of storyline Nicole will be involved in this time around, but shared her own theories and hopes for the character.

“I still have absolutely no clue what the story is,” she said.  “I can only assume — and hope — that Sami [Alison Sweeney] and Nicole are going to do something fun together.  Some of the fans have expressed over the last year or so, how great it would be to have EJ [James Scott] and Nicole together.  That would be a fun possibility, as would going for her ex-husband’s son, Philip [Jay Kenneth Johnson].”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Soap Opera Digest
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