Deelishis became known not only for winning the second season of Flavor of Love, but also for having a backside that could rival those of J.Lo and Kim Kardashian.  Deelishis said that while it has proven to be an asset and a great physical attribute, there are also times when it becomes a burden, especially when it attracts the wrong kind of attention.

“I say it’s a gift and a curse,” Deelishis, who broke up with Flavor of Love bachelor Flavor Flav a short while after the season 2 finale, said of her ample bum to Sister 2 Sister magazine.  “It’s just a joke through the family.  It’s something that men adore but at the same time it’s something they tend to look at as an object and not just a body part. It’s something that they fantasize about; they can’t get past your backside to enjoy or embrace your personality. But no, it’s okay; I’ve had it for so long now that I know how to get past that with most men.”

It’s something that runs in the family, too, as Deelishis says her eight-year-old daughter also has the same physical trait.

“Her grandmother says ‘oh my goodness, she’s got the curse,’” Deelishis said.

While Deelishis doesn’t appreciate the way some men are unable to see past the way she looks, she hasn’t closed the door on doing provocative shoots that may reveal more of her derrier.

“It depends on what it’s surrounded with,” the Flavor of Love alum said.  “I saw a picture with Gabrielle Union nude but it was for an artist: He was raising money and he has all these female celebrities and they would be nude but they didn’t do nude where you could see their breasts or their vaginas; they would have it where it was very tasteful and it was for a point…  And at times, as a woman, yeah I’m going to want to be sexy; I just don’t want that to be the bulk of what people know me for.”

She is, however, happy that her projects no longer just revolve around the club scene, which she describes as having a “scary environment.”

“It’s fast money; it’s easy money.  But all money ain’t good money,” she said.  “I don’t smoke but you’re around smoke.  I don’t drink but you’re around alcohol, you’re around the threat of people going too far with wanting to be on you…  You take pictures, charge them a fee…  but you have the men grabbing you or holding you.  You’re not a stripper but you come there and the promoter expects you to look provocative.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Sister 2 Sister
(Image Courtesy of Deelishis Official MySpace)


Staff Columnist, BuddyTV