Finally, after much discussion over whether or not Scrubs is returning for another year on ABC, a reliable source has confirmed that the medical comedy series is indeed moving out of NBC and into its rival network.

Actor John C. McGinley, who plays Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs, told the National Ledger last week he was informed that production for the eighth and very last season of the show will begin on Monday, March 24, and that “the 18 episodes we’re going to do starting that day will be on ABC next fall.”

Judging by McGinley’s words, it seems NBC has finally ironed out a deal with ABC Studios, which produces the show.  The studio, however, has not released any official statement regarding the network switch.

Last year, NBC ordered 18 episodes of Scrubs for what was to be the show’s final seventh and final season. Unfortunately, the show was only able to complete 12 episodes before the WGA strike erupted, and the network has since been reluctant to commit to the final six.  Creator Bill Lawrence had been considering a straight-to-DVD finale, but with ABC picking up the series, he now has the opportunity to deliver a proper ending through the additional season.

The remaining episodes for this season will begin airing on April 10 on NBC.

“When they’re done, there’s no wrap-up, cliffhanger or anything,” John C. McGinley said.  “It’s a show that will all of a sudden stop in the middle of its season on NBC, which is kind of a drag, but if we’re switching to ABC, I don’t really care.  Steve McPherson, the guy who runs ABC, greenlit the thing when he was over at Touchstone, so it was his baby to begin with.  I couldn’t be more excited.”

John C. McGinley, who recently welcomed a baby daughter with wife Nichole Kessler, said that although he hasn’t spoken to his castmates, he’s certain that everyone is happy to go back to work.
“I haven’t talked to my cast mates because I’ve been a little busy… but I’m sure everybody’s pretty thrilled,” he said.  “The fanatical fan base we have is the only reason we’re still on.  It’s unbelievable.  It’s the show you can’t kill, and I’m happy for it.  I’d love to do it forever.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: National Ledger
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