Who will be the first house guest sent home as an individual (if we don’t count Allison) on Big Brother 9?  Sharon or James?  More importantly, is Ryan a super genius or is he just making a bunch of random moves?  His actions have at once impressed me and befuddled me.  I have no idea waht he’s up to – hopefully we’ll get some further insight tonight.  Also, who will be re-entering the house?  I think we’re supposed to find out tonight, but with Big Brother you never know.  I’ll be here throughout the entire episode tonight, giving live updates as we learn who is evicted and who becomes the new Head of Household.  Stay tuned.

Big Brother 9: Week 5 Eviction, Live Results

The long recap of previous events bores me once again.  I’m just sitting here, twiddling my thumbs.

Julie Chen is wearing a really stupid sweater.

Ha, Sheila is still wearing her red unitard.  As much as I hated Jen Johnson, she wore that unitard a hell of a lot better than Sheila.

Julie lets us know that one evicted house guest will indeed get the chance to return to the Big Brother house.  I’m thinking it will either be Jen or Parker. 

From black and white to color.  Matt is pissed off, and starts taunting Joshuah immediately after the PoV ceremony.  As you might remember, Josh tried to get Ryan to put Matt up on the block.  Chelsia yells at Ryan in the HoH room.  Ryan then talks Josh alone in the HoH room – they’re cool, apparently. 

Sharon seems to think she’s gone – I’m not so sure that’s the case.  Matt calls himself “the king.”  Getting a little ahead of ourselves, Matt?  Sharon tells Sheila about how Matt was all making out with her and stuff during the HoH.  She’s talking mad smack about Mattie.  I like it.  Sheila, of course, then goes and immediately tells Natalie about this.  Uhh, that was ruthless Sheila.  Natalie doesn’t trust Matt now, but obviously, Nat wants to evict Sharon.  God, Natalie, stop making an ass of yourself.  Sheila is on board the evict Sharon thing now.

Natalie and Matt talk.  Well, argue.  Matt gives her the ultimatum – either she’s with him or against him. 

No live eviction tonight – votes have already been cast. 

Julie talks to the house guests. Matt apologizes to Josh for yelling at him.  Natalie says her relationship with Matt is still the same.  Right.  Then, it’s a horrifying montage of Sheila in the unitard.

Hmm, we catch up with the evicted house guests. All the couples, and Jacob and Allison, get their own sequester house.  The houses all look pretty nice.  Alex and Amanda are still not getting along.  Allison is still annoying.

Parker came in second place in America’s vote. 

Alex wins America’s Vote!  My SlingBox messed up, so I don’t know how he’s getting back in – it seemed like maybe Alex wouldn’t return to the house. 

Eviction time:  Julies announces that, by a vote of 5-1 James has been evicted from the Big Brother house.  No one hugs him but Chelsia.  He talks to Julie. 

Julie tells James the news – the remaining house guests will get to vote on who returns to the house: James or Alex.  I have no idea who they’re going to choose. 

Julie tells the house guests what’s up.  There’s a lot of gasping inside the house.  They aren’t told who the returning house guest is – it’s a “mystery box” –  they either decide on the mystery person or James.

Ryan votes to bring back the mystery guest.

Chelsia votes to bring back James.

Matt votes to bring back the mystery guest.

Sheila votes to bring back the mystery guest.

Joshuah votes to bring back James.

Natalie votes to bring back James.

Adam votes to bring back James.

Sharon votes to bring back James.

And it is official.  James is coming back!

Oh, this is cheesy. They brought the mystery box into the living room, and the returning house guest is inside.  James pops out and a celebration commences. 

Time for the Head of Household competition. 

So, just to recap – nothing really happened tonight.

Everyone grabs a chain that is attached to a grounded disco ball.  They are lifted up into the air.  Basically, it’s how long you can hold onto a chain without falling.  They’re twirled around in the air.  Then to a commercial.

I don’t think we’re going to have a new HoH by the end of the broadcast.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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