Remember at the beginning of Once Upon a Time season 6 when David got whiny about his father’s death, and you thought, “Where is this going?” Well, we finally have some sort of an answer to that question in this episode, titled “Murder Most Foul.” But there are still a lot of questions as to why we care so much and what the consequences are for his killer. Meanwhile, Regina struggles with her decision to bring alternate Robin back to Storybrooke.

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Family is Everything

When David and his brother, James, were babies, they were very sick. Rumple pays them a visit and offers medicine for just one child, as the price for the medicine would be to give the other child to Rumple for the king. David’s parents make the deal and flip a coin to decide on which child Rumple will take. It lands on tails, and Rumple takes James to the king.

Six years later, King George arrives at a local tavern looking for his son, Prince James, who has gone missing. David’s father uses this as a way to bring his family back together. He also sees it as an opportunity to get sober and fix what’s broken in his family. He goes back to Rumple and gives him a strand of his hair in exchange for help to find James. Rumple hands him a ticket to Pleasure Island, and he heads there.

On the island, which is a big carnival, David’s father runs into Pinocchio, who eventually points him in the direction of James. David’s father convinces James to go home with him and not back to the kingdom. As they start to leave, several adults on Pleasure Island go after them, and Pinocchio tells them to run.

As they make it off the island, they run into King George. David’s father tells the king he’s not giving up James again. He wants to make things right. The king is convinced that David’s father can be tempted again, but he won’t be. So the king orders his guards to kill David’s father and make it look like an accident.

To Catch a Killer

In Storybrooke, David keeps having visions of his father. As he fiddles with the coin, the same coin his father used to give up James, David struggles with his father’s death, knowing there’s more to it than just an accident on the road. He enlists Hook’s help to get items from Emma’s garage to make a spell. The spell leads the coin to Pleasure Island on a map, which leads David and Hook to Pinocchio. Pinocchio confirms that David’s father was there on the island looking for James. He tells him how he was sober and ready to make things right again. He adds that he took some pages from Henry’s storybook from his past on Pleasure Island and tells David that he’ll look for them for him to get some answers.

As they leave Pinocchio, Hook tells David he knows who killed his father, but he doesn’t want to kill him. David says he knows too and locks Hook up so he can’t stop him from going to King George’s cell. In the prison, David gets George out of the cell and confronts him. George admits he ordered that his father be killed and adds that his father resisted temptation until the end. David challenges George to a knife fight, and just as he’s about to kill George, Hook comes in and stops him. He convinces David that it’s not worth it.

A Guilty Conscience

Before Hook goes on the adventure with David, he goes to see Archie. He tells Archie he doesn’t think David thinks he’s good enough for Emma. He reveals that he is going to ask Emma to marry him but is afraid of what David thinks of him. Archie urges him to just ask David.

After Hook stops David from killing George, David thanks him. He says he can see that Hook has changed, and he’s proud of him. He adds that he doesn’t know how he’ll repay him. It’s then that Hook asks David for his blessing to marry Emma, who agrees after a long pause.

At Emma’s house, Pinocchio shows up as Hook is outside. He hands him the pages from the storybook to give to David, adding that there’s nothing in the pages he doesn’t know already. However, as Hook takes a look, he gets a worried expression. Apparently, as the guards are getting ready to kill David’s father, Hook and some pirates intervene and kill the king’s guards. And even though David’s father begs for his life, Hook kills him.

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Who is Robin Hood?

Regina is struggling with her decision in bringing alternate Robin back to Storybrooke. She tries to explain the world to him, but he doesn’t seem to understand. She has to stop him from killing Nottingham, explaining that it’s a different person. Later on, she brings him to her chamber, explaining how she’s changed and she knows Robin can too. As they kiss, though, she realizes that it’s just not her Robin.

Regina confesses to Snow that she thinks she made a mistake, as she felt nothing when kissing alternate Robin. She wonders, though, why he was able to go through the portal. She questions, if alternate Robin isn’t meant for her, whose Robin Hood is he? Meanwhile, Robin goes back into Regina’s chamber and takes out a box that she had hidden away from him.

Tangled Webs

Things seem to get more and more complicated on Once Upon a Time in season 6. The story of David’s father’s death got wrapped up, but David is not going to be happy if he ever finds out that his daughter’s soon-to-be husband is his killer. Or maybe Hook won’t propose now that he remembers he killed David’s father? Or did he know all along? Will he be able to hide those story pages from David? There’s a lot of questions in this story.

Meanwhile, what is the deal with this alternate Robin? I have to question if the writers brought him back because he was a likable character. But now they’ve turned him evil. I don’t know if this is a good storyline, but I am eager to find out what exactly is his motive and who he is.

What did you think of “Murder Most Foul”? Do you like the way Once Upon a Time season 6 is changing? The first half of the season was untold stories, and the second half seems to be focused back on our favorite characters. Which do you prefer? Do you think David will find out that Hook killed his father? And what do you think Robin is up to? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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