The upcoming Once Upon a Time musical episode will be more than the first time that the characters have properly burst into song like the Disney movie characters on which they are based. It will also give fans a look at Snow and Charming’s first meeting with their future son-in-law, Captain Hook. While the present day story of Once Upon a Time will explore Emma getting married to Hook, the flashbacks will detail a musical event from the past where, among other events, Snow and Charming meet Killian Jones. 

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We know that the musical episode will begin due to Snow making a wish (in the past) to help save their family from the Evil Queen. Whether any of the musical shenanigans make the leap to present day Storybrooke remains to be seen but let’s hope so after ABC’s first sneak peek of the episode. ABC has released the full video of Hook’s musical performance upon meeting Snow White and Prince Charming for the first time. 

The OUAT sneak peek, embedded below, is one of several musical numbers as it is pretty much a Hook solo with backing from his pirates. It is a ton of fun though. The song is completely original and details Hook’s long journey for revenge against the Dark One. The song is silly, self-aware and so much fun. It doesn’t hurt that Colin O’Donoghue has a pretty impressive singing voice either. 

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The performance looks like it has been ripped straight out of a Disney movie. Hopefully this is just a taste of what the musical episode has to come and not the best song in the bunch. It is so enjoyable that it doesn’t even matter that Snow and Charming meeting Hook messes continuity in a big way. Not to mention that the characters have not mentioned having a musical spell being cast over them once in six years. 

But what do you think? Are you excited for the musical episode? What do you make of Hook’s solo? Who are you most looking forward to hear sing?

Once Upon a Time season 6 airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC. Want more news? Like our OUAT Facebook page. 

(Image and video courtesy of ABC)  

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