FOX is so damn shameless, it hurts sometimes.  Tonight, we got an hour of On the Lot that contained only three seconds of footage that anyone really cares about: who won the whole thing.  There were no new films to be screened.  So, then, what did FOX fill up the hour with?  Montages and recaps.  It was reported that Steven Spielberg would be appearing tonight’s finale and, while technically true, he didn’t make an in-studio appearance as I assumed he would.  He merely welcomed the winner to the Dreamworks lot at the end of the episode in a pre-taped bit.  Oh, yeah, that’s another thing.  Tonight’s episode wasn’t live.  First clue: it was dark outside and it’s not dark in LA at 5PM.  Anyway, here’s what went down.

The final three contestants on On the Lot were Will Bigham, Jason Epperson, and Adam Stein.  I thought Zach Lypovsky was deserving of a spot in the final three, but America thought otherwise.  The show kicked off with a long recap of the entire season.  Of course, we’ve seen this before.  Nothing new of note.  Then, we got to view a rather underwhelming montage of outtakes from the films.  Hey, the actors are laughing in the middle of the take.  Crazy. 

Later, the final three filmmakers each choose their favorite film that was made by a non-finalist and we get an encore screening of that film.  Adam chooses Zach’s film “Die Hardly Working”, which is a worthy choice.  Will inexplicably chooses Hilary’s “Under the Gun”.  Jason goes with Mateen’s “Catch”, which I thought was a pretty good little film. 

From there, it’s the results.  Adam is told first that he’s not in the final two.  After a commercial, it’s down to Jason and Will.  Adrianna announces that Will Bigham is the On the Lot champion.  This is a worthy choice and I’m happy for Will.  We end the episode with Will being chauffeured to the Dreamworks studio in a limo to meet Steven Spielberg.  Spielberg congratulates him, gives Will an awkward hug. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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